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For those wondering why Steam sales have been 'meh' of late...
...Deadlight is currently the #3 top seller, when you can buy the "Soundtrack Edition" for $3.75 on Amazon, or $9.99 along with 4 other great indie games in a bundle. That's less than half the price, during the very same sale period (longer, in fact, as Amazon's sale runs through Saturday). Risen 2: DW has also been under $10 on Amazon and elsewhere.

When a large enough segment of your customer base is too, er, complacent (there are better words you can fill in instead) to check around elsewhere and essentially lock themselves in to the Steam storefront, Valve has no incentive to lower their prices to be more competitive.

Now if everybody that's currently buying this game for $7.49 went over to buy it at Amazon and activate it here (they're Steam keys), or for those outside the U.S., either have somebody buy it for you or just wait for Valve to catch up and get it to that lower price later on, then we'd see prices come down much more quickly.

Before Valve apologists come out with the argument that it's the publishers that set the prices, obviously that's (partially) true, but that's just as true at these other sites where games are sold. These aren't loss leaders either- Amazon is not losing money on all these bundles they're selling.

Obviously we can't individually control what everyone on Steam does or when they buy games, but I think it's fair to ask that before anyone comes in and starts complaining about Steam sales, they should first make sure they're not contributing to the problem by not first checking to see if Steam really has the best price the game has been in the recent past, much less on the very same day.

This is not to say Steam never has good sales- Hitman Absolution was a good price the other day. The difference is that Steam used to have the best prices on virtually everything in prior sales, and not just select items here and there. If we all act to shift our demand to those games that are most fairly discounted, then eventually we will see Steam sales move closer to how they were in the past.
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