Bu konu kilitlenmiştir.
Steam customer service is ruled by heartless bot´s that approove scamming.
Before looking the pictures.

Note : Thoose pictures containg following:
Use of offensive language ( only small bit ) because of the angerness.
Grammar errors.
Repative text ( see reply 16 for the main point with relaxed emotions )
Cruelty of steam support.


Because .. I did everything I could to avoid this..

Steam did everything to ruin my account..

Steam approves scamming dudes..

It´s easy to scam and make money out of scamming..

Who cares of a trade ban you get on 1 account that has 0 games (only premium tf2) .. If that ..

Be Honest , Trade hard , Get ban!
Scam hard , Cash out , Make a new account!

Steam approoves ( thumbs up ) (Y)

True story.
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