Fatness 27 dec 2012 om 3:26nm
Hitman Absolution
The game is currently 25% off, I just spent 50 bucks at gamestop using a returned item from christmas to get the steam cash and I just found out the game is only $29.99 on gamestops website. Should I wait for a better deal through steam? Or just eat the extra 8 bucks and buy it now for 25% off?
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Sloppy Seconds 27 dec 2012 om 3:41nm 
The game will be going on sale on amazon for 19.99 USD late decemeber/early January, just something to keep in mind.
jimbozag 4 jan 2013 om 7:43nm 
i want it so bad!
vortex5 4 jan 2013 om 10:48nm 
It is an awesome game. It is still on sale at Amazon for 19.99. If it goes on sale again on Steam, I do not believe it will be offered for less than a 50% discount so it will still be 24.99 like it was before.
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