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Flowmad Apr 13, 2014 @ 6:39am
Steam is going a dangerous path there
Valve opened the gates for poorly ported titles from consoles or just re-releases of old PC games which are added as new games without the original date, bad mobile ports and Early Access titles without any restrictions how long a game can be early access whatsoever and no quality control at all. Personally i love Steam, i chose it because it gives me many advantages as a PC gamer and is very convenient to use and that it always improves is awesome. But recently i'm not so sure if it was a good idea choosing it as my main gaming platform anymore.

Why isn't there any quality control whatsoever?
Valve has enough money to open another office or development studio which only checks games befor release and could potentially use it to port older games for newer hardware and OS's like does. Also the Greenlight system is easy to abuse, another reason why quality control is very important. There are games which got greenlit just because of nice screenshots but the actual games are utterly broken or unfinished.

Here are a few examples of greenlit games which released broken or unfinished (not saying they are necessarely bad games):

Personally i like the Greenlight system, it gives every indy developer the chance to get a release on Steam. However, just because it got greenlit doesn't mean it can be released in any state they please. The same goes for games released by publishers with their poorly made console ports, mobile ports and unfinished games like X: Rebirth, this needs to stop! There needs to be a standart of quality and a standart of guidlines here! Also just adding a report button and a space for community reviews is not enough and not what i see as actual quality control if its only handled by the community. Its actually kind of ridiculous to be honest. Offering refunds like Origin and does would be a very good start and would solve many of these issues. Begs the question; why is there a report button for games but refunds are barely allowed? Then there are these re-releases of old games which are not separated from the actual new releases at all and their original release dates are not shown as well which makes things even more complicated. There needs to be a way to separate them easely for example with a new tab for "Classics new on Steam" or a checkbox so the old re-releases are not shown anymore and only the actual new ones are visible if checked in the "New Releases" tab. Its very unfair for new games if they are pushed out of the spotlight just because some publisher decided to release 10 games of their "classics" in a row.

Here some informative videos about this subject to underline my points (i know he has his very own way to represent his opinion but he has very good points):
And this one by TotalBiscuit about the layout of the storepage and the recent massive releases of low quality and old games. Also very interesting for people who think every game should be on Steam and who think it doesn't matter how bad they are:
Why are there no restrictions for Early Access titles?
First of all i have nothing against Early Access, i actually think its a great idea but as it is now it needs improvement, just to make that clear so there isn't any missunderstanding. Anyway, it seems like every second game is an Early Access title on Steam nowadays. I think this exists to justefy the unfinished releases Steam was getting, mostly from Greenlight games, but this isn't the right way (implying the importance of quality control here again, Early Access is just a lazy way to deal with it)! First of all Early Access games SHOULDN'T be on the same storepage as finished games! There should be a separate storepage only for Early Access titles, its unfair for finished titles to get pushed away by unfinished games just because they have a "wacky" concept but then there seems to be no sign when these games get actually finished or even made. I know these games would sell less but thats the point, many people are not aware of this program and buy these games anyway. Its not really their fault since Early Access games are not well separeted from finished games. Also if this continues and more games get released in this state because they get away with it then this could be the next standart which is BAD. Also like i mentioned befor, what keeps the developers away for not finishing their games at all? There should be limit for the state for being Early Access of 1-2 years, this would ensure that the games wouldn't be in Early Access forever, that the games would be in a more playable state and get actually finished and so devs aren't almost completely free of criticism anymore. Also people who bought Early Access games should know how development is going and what their plans are in great detail since they paid for it to be part of development and to test their unfinished products on their PC's.

Here a informative video about this subject to underline my suggestions and arguments:
This one as well! It also applies to the firsr point about quality control:
Why is there still Third-Party-DRM on Steam?
I know this is kind of beating a dead horse but i wanted to adress this anyway because there is no point in Third-Party-DRM since Steam is a form of DRM already! I know that would be a big mess for games which are for a while on Steam now to change the DRM policy but this could be changed and restricted for future releases. Why do i need something like a trojan virus like program Securerom which only allows me 5 installs if its bought over Steam and can't be lend or copied anyway? Whats the point in using GFWL, Uplay or Rockstar's Social Club for games i bought over Steam if i'm using Steam already? These other gaming clients come not even CLOSE to Steam and they not even try since their only goal is to control their customers other than actually making a good and enjoyable gaming platform and often these "services" (if you even can call them like this) keep me away from playing my games because they have often issues, this never happened with Steam for me btw. Also for example GFWL is about to shut down, what happens to the games which use this service and didn't made the fully transition to Steam? Am i then forced to crack these games? That would be ridiculous! Another reason why these Third-Party-DRM have to go!

If you agree with this post then please share your support and if not then tell me why. I can adjust this post later after reading some feedback. English isn't my first language, i'm sorry for any spelling errors, i did my best to correct them. Cheers!

*I edited the OP a bit after some "feedback".
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In 1983 there was no good games period. There was also no internet to tell people what games are worth playing. Therefore your entire prediction is wrong.

The real cause of the crash was economy, price, and logistics with storage and inventory for videogames.. None of which are a problem today. If there was a crash today, it would be because the world economy collapsed and no none could afford 1 dollar games
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TirithRR Apr 13, 2014 @ 6:49am 
There is third party DRM on steam because people want Ubisoft and Electronic Arts games on Steam. So Steam sells them. In reality they should just go to Ubisoft and EA and buy those games there and remove Steam's DRM from the package. The arguement against GFWL is an arguement against DRM in general, not just "third party DRM".

The abundance of Early Access games is overstated drastically. They make up about 5% of the games on Steam, hardly "every other". And they are not shown as finished games, they are advertised as Early Access games.
Flowmad Apr 13, 2014 @ 6:50am 
@Τhe Rolling Cheese Wheel
You don't get my point here probably because you only read that one sentence! If this gets more acceptable, then this could be the industry standart then there will be quantity over quality because it gets them faster money.
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Your standard is not the same as everyone's standard. I'm perfectly content with the overflow of games. I now have more choices to play with.
Flowmad Apr 13, 2014 @ 6:53am 
Originally posted by Τhe Rolling Cheese Wheel:
Your standard is not the same as everyone's standard. I'm perfectly content with the overflow of games. I now have more choices to play with.
Yeah, lots of bad choices.
TirithRR Apr 13, 2014 @ 6:55am 
Good, Bad, it's all subjective.

I think CS:GO is a bad game.
Originally posted by Flowmad:
Originally posted by Τhe Rolling Cheese Wheel:
Your standard is not the same as everyone's standard. I'm perfectly content with the overflow of games. I now have more choices to play with.
Yeah, lots of bad choices.

Well that's only your opinion
Flowmad Apr 13, 2014 @ 7:00am 
Goddammit i knew there would be people who support this and take all the bad stuff Steam gives them because of fanboyism. Am i really alone with this here or are there still some sensible people here so i don't have to lose my full faith in humanity? HALP!

Originally posted by TirithRR:
Good, Bad, it's all subjective.

I think CS:GO is a bad game.
Wow... can't respect your opinion to be honest, please move on to another topic.
TirithRR Apr 13, 2014 @ 7:02am 
So because I don't like a generic FPS that uses real money markets, my opinion can't be respected?

Or, is it not about the game in general, it's just the fact that it's a game you like.
Flowmad Apr 13, 2014 @ 7:05am 
Because you just say out of nowhere its a bad game without any reason and just because a game is generic doesn't mean its bad. Also how are the real money markets bad if they don't influence game balance AT ALL? Can't respect your opinion, i'm sorry no offense.
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TirithRR Apr 13, 2014 @ 7:09am 
Because there are very few FPS games that I enjoy. I think Borderlands is the only one, but then just because of the other, non-FPS features of the game.

See, subjective. I would think buying CS:GO is a waste of money, more so than say... buying Plants vs. Zombies or Peggle or some other random casual PopCap game port on Steam.

And your reasons for hating on Greenlight and EA games? Because they *might* be able to game the system? You didn't give any specific reasons about any specific games other than hypothetical, what they might be able to do.
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Originally posted by Flowmad:
Originally posted by Τhe Rolling Cheese Wheel:
Your standard is not the same as everyone's standard. I'm perfectly content with the overflow of games. I now have more choices to play with.
Yeah, lots of bad choices.
So basically, if you can't buy anything good, you would just buy something bad?
Y'know, that kind of additude is what's ruining the industry. You could also nót buy stuff if you don't like it. That's what choice is about.

Having an abundance of choice isn't a problem at all, it will resolve itself in the sales numbers later on. Bad studios close, good studios make more money for bigger projects.
TirithRR Apr 13, 2014 @ 7:11am 
Basically the thread boils down to:

"There's a lot of stuff on Steam that I don't care for, so Steam must be falling apart."
Flowmad Apr 13, 2014 @ 7:12am 
What you guys don't seem to get is that all these bad games take away the spotlight of good games which actually deserve to be on Steam. There for quality controll is important!
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TirithRR Apr 13, 2014 @ 7:14am 
Ya, cause when Warehouse and Logistics Simulator was released, it really took away from the success of those AAA titles.
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