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So... should 'early access' be regulated more by Steam?
The one thing I'm seeing more and more on Steam is people complaining about the state of early access games...

Now before you say "duh... well... it's early access.. what did they expect?"...

There's early access and then there's 'this really shouldn't be released as early access in anyone's book'...

And I think that's where regulation needs to happen...

You have the 'good' early access games, like Prison Architect, like Blackguards was, Project Zomboid, Kerbal, etc.

Then you have the 'questionable' ones, like Starforge, 7 Days to Die, Snow, etc.

I think it's at what point do you call something 'early access' and should you be able to charge for it?

Something's that 10% complete? 20%? or do you think it should be something substantial enough to actually 'play' and 'feedback on' (40% / 50%?)

I personally think every early access game should have a demo... a) so you can ensure it works on your rig but also b) to show the state of it (how many times do people get caught up in the marketing guff and / or can't get it to run on their rigs?)

I also think it should have a finite lifespan... some of these 'early access' ones (the more rogue ones I would say) get update so rarely and have been in the same state for literally years - it's bordering on criminal... as many suggest, once the more unsavoury companies get your cash, there's no incentive to pump out meaningful updates...

So what does everyone else think? As more and more early access games are flooding into Steam (it seems more so than finished games these days), do consumers need more protection or are these games purchased purely at the consumer's risk?


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Black Blade Mar 10, 2014 @ 6:37am 
For years... you know Early Access is less then a year ya? i mean when did it start.. a few mouths ago?

Also make a demo? you saying they need to make a demo for each update? do you know that a demo is something that is not easy to make for most games... its more work then what its worth even more for a Early Access that is buggy by name

Adding a life spam i think can be also really bad for EAG as a dev may take out a update that will make the game more buggy then before and even unplable just to stand to a time limit (update each week) and that may kill and hurm the game more then help it

Even more what if as a Dev i want to rework my engin seening it was not good? that that is core what can mean it will be a really big thing to work on and yes it will take time
So dose that mean i do not update? if it takes me 3 mouths? you want me to update a part working core system? that will make the game unplable?
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Spawn of Totoro Mar 10, 2014 @ 6:54am

This has been discussed and debated many times already. Please search next time.
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