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DiogoSN Feb 17, 2014 @ 12:42am
Steam Services and Greenlight Issues
I'm reposting this thread because moderators of the forums closed down the other one because I think the topic was derailed. It was a small derail though and we could've returned to topic if the moderators gave us the necessary time. Either way, here's the original: . As you see in that thread, we did not insult each other while discussing the thread, we simply were discussing problems that Steam has at the moment.

I'm impressed, it takes a serious pair to do the same thing that burned Wild Games Studios. Fun Creators, actually brought down 2 of Totalbiscuit's videos criticizing how bad Guise of The Wolf was.

Now you're saying, "Why aren't you posting this in the forums of that game then?". First of all, I'm quite sure it would be dismissed like the videos, second of all, they don't let anyone who doesn't own their game post in their forums. Another example of this situation is Takedown: Red Sabre. The devs didn't let anyone, who didn't own their game, post on their forums because they didn't want other people to know that their game is broken, just like Fun Creators.

I have a couple of problems when it comes with this game.

First of all, Valve doesn't give any attention to any game that comes into their service. Wheather they're broken, or not, they allow the game to be on sale on Steam. The other day, Game Dev Tycoon 1.5 was released with a missing executable. I always check my games but Valve doesn't. Steam is a privilaged service to be in, and yet Valve wastes important slots on Steam with games such as Ride to Hell: Retribution. There is no quality control on Steam.

My second issue is that this game got through Steam Greenlight because of it's concept, it sounded interesting. Even if you haven't played the game that are in the Greenlight system, you can simply like or dislike a game. The system isn't perfect and maybe there isn't any other way to let in specific games that can sell properly. Not all games can be on Steam and I understand that. But if Valve would simply check the games that come into their service through the Greenlight, then we wouldn't have games like Day One: Garry's Incident! Somehow, bad games can still go through, like Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 - Gold Edition. How do those games come to Steam without Greenlight?

Last of all is the moderation of the forums. I understand that devs should keep idiots out of their forums but if they don't let anyone post in their forums then no one can ask for information about the game. So let it be a warning that these kind of forums mean that the devs have something to hide from their games. It's a hard subject though, so it needs further discussion.

I'm going to copy this text just in case it's censored somehow or taken off the forums. They're justifible complaints and they're there to improve Steam. Please take a look at this problem Valve and fix it.
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Tito Shivan Feb 17, 2014 @ 4:09am 
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