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Dj_Flames1 (rus) 2012 年 11 月 6 日 @ 上午 9 時 29 分
Few levels.
Nice game, but it can be completed in one evening. This is sad.
It would be cool to see the second part.
With the achievements and that was a lot more variety of levels!
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Shait 2012 年 11 月 14 日 @ 上午 10 時 11 分 
This game remind me of Limbo it is short like Limbo or it's longer ?
beatmaster2k 2012 年 11 月 14 日 @ 上午 10 時 17 分 
Limbo is a totally different experience imo. NightSky is more about physic puzzles and less about atmosphere.

Can't remember exactly on the length of the game, though. But it is 5 hours at most.
最後修改者:beatmaster2k; 2012 年 11 月 14 日 @ 上午 10 時 17 分
Frosty Grin 2012 年 11 月 14 日 @ 下午 12 時 20 分 
Don't forget that you can replay the levels on a higher difficulty. And the more difficult versions of the levels aren't as stupidly difficult as in Super Meat Boy, which makes them more playable.

And I actually think that it's appropriate to compare it to Limbo. Even though the puzzles are more prominent, NightSky is still quite atmospheric.
Mermersk 2012 年 11 月 14 日 @ 下午 1 時 27 分 
Why does the length matter? I would rather have 5 awesome hours of good entertainment rather than 12 hours of kind-of-okay entertainment. I thought this game has very good length, any longer and it would become an repepetive grind like Snapshot is. More isn't always better, quality over quantity.
Kiwi Truculent 2012 年 11 月 27 日 @ 上午 5 時 15 分 
This game is really very cool and you can try and re try every elvel without be bored. And it costs only 1.99€ !
Psycho[ROTL] 2012 年 12 月 5 日 @ 上午 7 時 43 分 
5 hours at most???
You must be crazy
I beat normal and 7/11 on alternative and I have 8 hours game play already.
Psycho[ROTL] 2012 年 12 月 5 日 @ 下午 8 時 57 分 
dude, you need 10-11 hours to complete this game both on normal and hard...
Psycho[ROTL] 2012 年 12 月 5 日 @ 下午 8 時 58 分 
It is funny the poster claims it can only complete in one night but in reality he only plays the game for 0.7 hours. what a troll!!!!
Dj_Flames1 (rus) 2012 年 12 月 6 日 @ 上午 6 時 31 分 
Psycho[ROTL], I'm not a troll. I this game already passed. Simply just recently bought it and decided to write to the hub.
GoldAnthro 2013 年 06 月 18 日 @ 下午 7 時 45 分 
Achivements would be nice, though I understand why not every single game has them.
GoldAnthro 2013 年 06 月 18 日 @ 下午 7 時 46 分 
Still steam acheivements should be a requirement to some extent. If I have to use drm (steam) there should at least be some advantage to it.
Nyctophilia 2013 年 06 月 28 日 @ 下午 5 時 39 分 
Honestly, what a stupid game: the controls are completely inaccurate and the concept is just annoying. Good riddance!
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