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Megalodon 2012年8月27日 23時06分
Resolution Issues
Does anyone else find the resolution to be abysmally low? The area is way too small. Haven't been able to find a fix so far.
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RionaaM 2012年9月6日 18時57分 
Yup, we'll just have to wait for the HD version to be released on Steam. Don't know when will that happen.
Megalodon 2012年9月7日 15時10分 
Has an HD version been confirmed?
BlueRaja 2012年9月24日 0時23分 
Well, it was "confirmed" about a year ago, haven't heard anything about it since.
soft watch 2012年10月8日 14時18分 
The HD version has been out for a while, it's just not on steam. No idea why.
Max Cher 2012年11月3日 2時37分 
Just bought a game and found this. Excellent! Dear Steam, why don't you mention this in the description??
最近の変更はMax Cherが行いました; 2012年11月3日 2時38分
Frosty Grin 2012年11月14日 10時23分 
Yes, that's bizarre. The HD version is a little rough around the edges - but only a little. Still very playable and enjoyable. And now NightSky is the daily deal - and the HD version is still unavailable.
Brownd 2012年11月14日 10時32分 
Yeah, the HD version was available in beta (or was it alpha?) state in one of the main Humble Bundles. I have no idea what happened with that, I found no kind of dev blog or anything for that around that time, and I didn't check if it was ever updated in the bundle.
Megalodon 2012年11月14日 10時33分 
Pity the people who buy the game today.
Arestris 2012年11月14日 10時49分 
So, still no HD version on steam? Thats so pathetic!
And yes, on my HumbleBundle page i can download regular (the same as on steam) and HD, 124.3 mb (approximately the double size of regular).
Frosty Grin 2012年11月14日 10時57分 
The Humble Bundle HD version wasn't updated. I had been waiting for an update, but a few days ago decided to play it as it is - and it's actually OK. Some animations are jittery, but the game still looks good. From my perspective, it's definitely better than the low-resolution version. That's exactly why it's so bizarre that the HD version is unavailable on Steam. And the game itself is very good.
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Flidd 2012年11月14日 13時37分 
I just bought the game on Steam and was disappointed that the game ran in a very small section of my monitor even though it was set at full screen in the settings. Rather than messing about I did a bit of research and there is an updated .exe that enables the proper full screen mode. Is this the HD version? Anyway it works. Grab the updated nightsky11.exe from here Copy the new nightsky11.exe over the original nightsky.exe in the steam/steamapps/common/nightsky folder and rename it back to nightsky.exe then everything works perfectly in fullscreen.
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Megalodon 2012年11月14日 14時43分 
I'd remove that post if I were you. Better be safe, than find out that .exe was illegal to spread.
R153nm 2012年11月14日 15時43分 
1.1 is an official patch by Nicalis. He never pushed it to the Steam edition, due to some concern about slowdown and a fear that bugs may crop up. It is perfectly legit.
最近の変更はR153nmが行いました; 2012年11月14日 15時51分
hogofddyn_ 2012年11月15日 7時17分 
As a temporary workaround, I assume you could find the .exe for the game, right click it, go to properties and adjust the compatibility settings so that it automatically switches desktop resolution to a lower one while you play?
hogofddyn_ 2012年11月15日 7時17分 
Or.. Y'know, use that patch, I guess:P
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