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ExplosivePanda 2013年3月7日 12時43分
i just got night sky from humble bundle and its not starting up i click play on steam libary and nothing opens in task manger are there any opening option that can help me
im running it on 32 bit windows 7
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Stunami 2013年3月7日 16時39分 
I have exactly the same problem. Uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted computer. All that happens is I click to start game, a box pops up for a split second and disappears, nothing happens. Also windows 7..
onistevenw 2013年3月8日 12時12分 
I am having the same problem. Also using Windows 7
ExplosivePanda 2013年3月8日 12時18分 
some one please help :'(
Auhmaan 2013年3月10日 7時59分 
I also have the same problem, but I'm using Windows Vista...
ExplosivePanda 2013年3月10日 12時38分 
...telling me you have the same problem isnt gonna help.... does any one know how to fix?
if you want to help try sharing tthis thread on reddit or something?
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TheWizard 2013年3月10日 15時41分 
Same issue here. Windows 7 64bit. (explosivepanda, the reason people post that they have the same problem IS going to help as it keeps your thread active and bumped. It also keeps 50 other threads from popping up trying to talk about the same issue)
Kynakid1™ 2013年3月12日 6時28分 
help. exact same thing
TheDiggster13 2013年3月13日 6時37分 
Same here. Using vista.
JasonClarke 2013年3月13日 13時59分 
Exact same thing
Gixriog N*17 2013年3月17日 5時00分 
i have the same problem on XP
Torosa 2013年3月20日 7時36分 
For me it says tha a dll is missing. But I had the same problem as you on windows 8 (Now I am on XP). I couldn't fix i anyway.
mylifeforAiur 2013年3月22日 18時32分 
Still no news concerning a solution?
TheDiggster13 2013年3月23日 3時49分 
I got around it by just downloading the .zip from the humble bundle website. Don't know about a solution for steam purchases though. It's a really cool game when you get to play it.
BlackRaven 2013年3月29日 14時16分 
To fix your problem, just update your graphics driver to the latest version. Check for the driver on the manufacturers website.
Doener04 2013年4月1日 13時40分 
i just had to update directx
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