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=(eGO)= Prisoner416 2013年3月6日 13時47分
Nightsky/Nightsky HD?
I already own Nightsky on Steam... but the Humble Bundle code is for "Nightsky HD". Are they the same thing? I can't find a seperate HD version in the Steam store.
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Ki11s0n3 2013年3月6日 19時04分 
I believe they are the same thing
[UGUF] Merkules 2013年3月11日 9時52分 
I believe Nightsky HD is the name for the tablet version of the game.
Frank Jaeger 2013年4月26日 12時41分 
Bumping this because i also want to know more about Nightsky "hd". I know there's alternate .exe that make the game run in fullscreen but it's aliased. Desperately searching for a proper hd/fullscreen version of the game..
Floyd! 2013年4月27日 11時29分 
With NightSky HD, the game automatically launches in fullscreen with your native resolution. And it's optimized for that. If you already owned the game before, it's supposed to be already updated with the HD version. So basically, both of the games are even; the old version was just replaced with the new one.
McKillem 2013年6月25日 19時51分 
I remember getting NightSky HD from one of the previous Humble Bundles, and back then Steam had only the original, low-res version, with Night Sky HD being available for download as a DRM-free package. So is it actually HD on Steam now? That would be way more obvious if the game description or title were updated. Also, one more reason to play the game all over again. Love it.

HD is the current version on Steam, hooraaay :D
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DeV 2月19日 4時30分 
So the only difference is that good full-screen mode? Why don't they rename it to "Nightsky HD" in the store?
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