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gnat 2013年2月18日下午7:16
Do it now!
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tn 2013年3月5日下午1:32 
As it's in the new humble bundle it shouldn't be too hard to upload linux version to steam. Please do it!
s.plisskin [Archlinux] 2013年3月5日下午1:33 
Aye, where is our linux client for steam?
OzZy [GER] 2013年3月5日下午2:19 
Dablim 2013年3月5日下午6:42 
+1 :-)
Ralgo 2013年3月5日下午7:23 
+1 pls!!!!
UbuntuIsFriendly 2013年3月6日上午1:16 
+1. This would be nice.
faust.twi 2013年3月6日上午7:11 
gnat, you bought game and you can play game. if you want game here, you can ask nicely...

and yes - it would be cool if developer will add linux version here
luketheobscure 2013年3月6日上午9:08 
and Mac support? I thought the humble bundle games were all cross platform.
faust.twi 2013年3月6日上午10:17 
games are cross platform. if you bought it, you can dounload binaries from HB site. and music.
MaTachi. LINUX + BITCOIN 2013年3月6日上午11:26 
ya, would be awesome to have it on steam!
The Atomic Ass 2013年3月8日上午3:17 
I've purchased Nightsky through the HB, is there a way to make Steam recognize it so my gamesaves can be portable?
rudeboyskunk 2013年3月8日上午7:30 
+1 dev please if you could give us a timeframe of when the linux binary will be uploaded to steam....
[BBox] Blake 2013年3月12日上午4:16 
Takes quite a bit to make something support linux guys. Give 'em a minute and be patient.
faust.twi 2013年3月12日上午4:30 
i doubt they will add linux verion here. they had enough time for this aldready.
TinyGrasshopper 2013年3月16日下午3:32 
正在显示第 1 - 15 条,共 68 条留言
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