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Cynical_Lurker 2013年1月9日 19時23分
What is in the new patch?
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RandomFool 2013年1月9日 19時33分 
Seems to be the HD update which is nice, you can resize the window to what you want and graphics look great. I just did a quick play through and I noticed on a few levels with multiple triggers (where you hit enter to remove a block or something) the starting trigger is different. Also completing the final level takes you to the next world instead of to the level select screen. There might be some minor changes in some levels, I speed run the game and had trouble in places I don't normally mess up. But it could just be my imagination.
最近の変更はRandomFoolが行いました; 2013年1月9日 19時34分
Dj_Flames1 (rus) 2013年1月10日 2時54分 
Full HD? Yay!
Наконец-то :3
March of the Baldwin 2013年1月10日 7時00分 
I'm so happy they've finally released the HD version :D
Sephiko 2013年1月10日 7時28分 
Whenever I play, I often notice black tiles/chunks flashing on the screen.
最近の変更はSephikoが行いました; 2013年1月10日 8時30分
Spaffy Niffles 2013年1月21日 21時26分 
Some of the levels seem different too- I played the pre-update version several times, and it just seems like some of them are different, particularly with the first few worlds. Anyone else notice anything?
Qweczol 2013年1月27日 21時07分 
They cut out the ending cutscene and the physics are much improved. However, this causes more lag ingame and longer loading times between levels. Also, the ENTER triggers are different on some levels.
j.w.yergan 2013年2月5日 2時37分 
Yeah, why'd they get rid of the ending scene? It was a neat wrap-up to the story. I do like the improved graphics and new windowed size. I love this puzzler, I think it was the first or second game on Steam I completed 100%. Great game.
Spaffy Niffles 2013年2月5日 19時46分 
wait, so how does the game end now? you just complete the level and it ends?
Qweczol 2013年2月6日 20時48分 
You go directly into the bonus level, which you can only complete if you find all 12 secret stars
Spaffy Niffles 2013年2月7日 15時09分 
Oh, they took out the whole apartment scene? Dammit, that was a great scene! why.
cromignon 2013年2月11日 16時43分 
did it remove my saved games? I'd finished the normal courses and was GOING to do the alternative courses after a break, but all my progress has been wiped out.
Spaffy Niffles 2013年2月12日 18時56分 
Yea, they're gone, but I believe they are saved somewhere that you can recover them. Check the other threads maybe
SheetOfPaper 2013年3月15日 8時06分 
Sephiko の投稿を引用:
Whenever I play, I often notice black tiles/chunks flashing on the screen.

Got this too, with an HD 7850 graphcs card and Catalyst 12.2 beta 6 on Windows 7.
Ozafy 2013年5月16日 1時39分 
Can you still set custom keybinds?
olel 2013年6月26日 8時35分 
Wait? They cut out the ending?

What is this? Optional atleast? (Atleast I already have the regular on humble I found)
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