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g4r15 / chinmi 2013年3月20日上午11:28
Up/Down buttons doesn't work
I cannot chose a different save game then the 1st
I can enter settings (cause it's left/right input in menu) BUT cannot choose between windowed/full screen cause i need to press down to change the menu option

Anyone have experience with this too ???
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Utopia GFR 2013年3月23日下午2:27 
I have the same problem, any ideas???
Utopia GFR 2013年3月23日下午2:52 
I went to Steam/Games/NightSky, opened the game at the same time and all my keys were messed up but it allowed me to quickly choose full screen so it now it works perfectly.

Did not edit any file, maybe pure luck?
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Reinhold 2013年4月12日上午4:34 
If you're still having this problem try unplugging any controllers you have connected. I had a PS3 controller charging and once I unplugged it the game worked fine.
Sacredshadow 2013年4月14日上午3:15 
open file Steam\steamapps\common\Nightsky\Settings\EngineSettings.ini, and type 1 in Full Screen=1
GameFreakDude 2013年4月14日下午1:41 
Running Win7 x64. My solution was to change the "device you want to use with older programs" in the advanced settings of usb game controllers
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