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kontinyu 2013年12月12日 12時56分
[SOLUTION] Up/Down Arrow Problem In Menu
I've had the same problem with a lot of you guys.
Up-Down arrow didn't worked in menu.
All you have to do is Unplugging all your game controllers. (BUT) I didn't have any. THEN i've gone to the device manager and disabled everything looking strange from mouse&pointing devices. Restarted the game and voila! good to go.
Thought i should share.
Have Fun.
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dart193 2013年12月20日 12時20分 
Huge thank you, just bought game too and was surprised by that. Your device manager soulution is clever, as i actually unplug my logitech controller for some games. You saved me from getting dusty now (it is hard to reach back panel of my PC)
kontinyu 2013年12月20日 23時51分 
Well i'm glad i helped. My problem vas very peculiar because i've installed an android gamepad simulator ages ago and game was detecting it. So i had to use device manager.
Have fun! (Clean those dusts. They will hog your pc performance :))
最近の変更はkontinyuが行いました; 2013年12月20日 23時51分
dart193 2013年12月21日 8時34分 
Its the way i can get to back panel - crawling on floor, and floor cannot be clean)
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