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[AoU] That-Damn-Duck 2012년 11월 17일 오전 10시 49분
Your Purchase Failed For An Unknown Reason
Does anyone know why I can no longer buy Zen from my Steam Wallet anymore? I have plenty of funds in my Steam Wallet. When I choose my purchase, Steam Wallet, and hit buy, I get that useless error message.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated guys and gals!!
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cowinspace 2012년 11월 18일 오전 5시 27분 
They broke it in the patch. You cannot buy zen at all AFAIK.
Richard Sagen 2012년 11월 25일 오후 1시 33분 
They'll possibly "fix it" conveniently after the sale is done.
[AoU] That-Damn-Duck 2012년 11월 25일 오후 4시 08분 
This is just plain dumb. How can a game company that runs on a Free-To-Play model not be jumping all over a problem that prevents players from giving them money?

It is just plain DUMB!
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