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[AoU] That-Damn-Duck 2012年11月17日 10時49分
Your Purchase Failed For An Unknown Reason
Does anyone know why I can no longer buy Zen from my Steam Wallet anymore? I have plenty of funds in my Steam Wallet. When I choose my purchase, Steam Wallet, and hit buy, I get that useless error message.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated guys and gals!!
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cowinspace 2012年11月18日 5時27分 
They broke it in the patch. You cannot buy zen at all AFAIK.
Richard Sagen 2012年11月25日 13時33分 
They'll possibly "fix it" conveniently after the sale is done.
[AoU] That-Damn-Duck 2012年11月25日 16時08分 
This is just plain dumb. How can a game company that runs on a Free-To-Play model not be jumping all over a problem that prevents players from giving them money?

It is just plain DUMB!
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