Zorlac Nov 15, 2012 @ 1:58pm
The game is NOT pay to win people.
You can earn Dilithium in game. Dilithium can be exchanged for cash shop money. You can purchase EVERYTHING in game with that cash shop money. You very literally can earn everything without spending a penny. Yes it takes some grinding to do so, but the game is FREE after all.

You people are acting like the company is a bunch of greedy crooks because they want to make some money. They are a BUSINESS after all. Our love and appreciation for their work does not pay their bills, nor does it pay all the extra development time they've spent updating the game after it's released. This game has had as many patches and updates as World of Warcraft. No it doesn't have as much content, but it doesn't have the large player base throwing money at it for subs either. So considering that, the company has done a wonderful job with the game.

We as gamers need to understand these products are made for our entertainment. We're not entitled to them, nor anything else. Just because the game is free to play doesn't mean the company making them doesn't deserve to make money. You can play the ENTIRE game for free. You can earn EVERYTHING for free. If you play the game for any period of time you'll earn that cash shop money without even thinking about it, and not even noticing the grind.

Stop spreading lies when you've not even played a game. If you don't like it it's one thing, but some of you are making it painfully obvious that you've not touched the game when talking about why you don't like it. Or played it for 5 minutes, then dropped it, and that's not a fair amount of time for any game. Would you trust a reviewer who didn't play through a whole game, and then wrote a review? No, you wouldn't, so why would you spread lies about a game you've not played?
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Jafarbrz Nov 15, 2012 @ 4:08pm 
Yes, it is, just look at http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/ and you will see
This text was copied from STO forums:

daxiii23;6600391 wrote:
well lets stay with the reassignment for a moment, lets say i have all white doffs and i want to change into one purple, costs as follows:
white to green:
5 whites + 500 dil = 1 green
green to blue
5 greens + 2500 dill = 1 blue
blue to purple
5 blues + 5000 dill = 1 purple

5x5000 + 5x(2500) + 25x(500) = 50k dil

so one purple BOFF costing now 50k dilithium and 25 white boffs???
and at the same time reduce the amount of dil u can get drastically

scoustar;6598841 wrote:
I tried some Fleet Actions this morning to try and re-motivate myself to play. After being logged out of the Action 14 times during the course of play I gave up. Whilst I'm sure today's server maintenance is designed to repair this, I'm also certain that Fleet Actions are still as dull and pointless as before...

"ooh look, that Tuatara Cruiser is dropping warp plasma, nice. Shame there's not an enemy within 9km of it really"

I agree wholly with Cryptic's idea to entice players to play alternate content. But I think it's disgraceful to destroy enjoyable end game content (guess what you *******, people played STF's for enjoyment as well as dil farming, numbers don't tell you that I suppose :mad:) in order to enforce play in BAD content.

Yes, the Fleet Actions are BAD BAD BAD content, that's why no one played them, except for a few pointless Fleet Marks. Adding the rewards was a good idea. Taking them out of STF's was stupid beyond words, unless we all accept that they did it purely and entirely and deliberately out of greed.

Well done Cryptic, you've proven that inbreeding really does make you dumb.
rodentmaster;6583181 wrote:
**** no!

It's an insult to say they listen but then change one of the LEAST of the problems they just introduced. Adding dilithium back to STFs is a small portion of the problems they've just added. THe entire game is a dil sink now. That's the problem. DOFFs costing THOUSANDS of dil per day is the problem.

The result is still a net loss of thousands of dil per day as compared to season6.

**** NO, I'm not happy with thier "compromise" (which can barely even be called that)
Zorlac Nov 15, 2012 @ 5:22pm 
Dude stop posting this in every thread. You can still earn everything without spending a penny. That makes the game free to play no matter how you look atit.
Jafarbrz Nov 15, 2012 @ 6:03pm 
Zorlac are you cryptic employer? Do not lie Zorlac, season 7 created ways for players not win, cryptic just want more money.

Zorlac check sto forum http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com and you will see many posts like this:

Originally posted by eurialo:
pve/pvp queue system bugged, so PW disabled it

fleet action bugged: tried many times, every time I engage one the system force me to quit the mission

borg to much strong: even a maco mkII shield + several buff are like butter at the sun

LAG, LAG, and LAG again...

grinding EC is being very difficult

Advancing in this game is now a job... I do not pay a recurring subscription to work on STO... I pay to have fun... No fun? no money... I will find a new game.

But go to sto foruns quick, because crypitc is erasing the messages.
Polie Nov 16, 2012 @ 12:44am 
there are still a LOT of ways to earn dil, w/o ever touching an stf. I still max my characters out each day.
Zorlac Nov 16, 2012 @ 3:08am 
Originally posted by Polie:
there are still a LOT of ways to earn dil, w/o ever touching an stf. I still max my characters out each day.

Same here. Hell you can almost max them just doing doff missions.
Rusty_S Nov 16, 2012 @ 10:24am 
No matter how hard you want to believe this game is free to play it still does not make the game truely free to play nor does it truely make this game non "pay to win".

If everyone did what you are saying and grind grind grind vs putting money into the system then where would the Zen come from on the dilithium exchange? Thats right it would come from no one considering the dilithium exchange is funded by people selling Zen that they bought with real money for dilithium that they want.

If everyone grind grind grind and put no money into the system then the devs wouldnt make money and slowly resources would be pulled from the game and the game would die.

In the end the game is not really free to play. You can download the game for free but a majority of the game is based around selling game items for real world currency to fund their continued maintaince, updates, and new content. While I am one that strongly suggests the cost of items to be lowered I still am not blind to the fact that the game is pay to win. If you are given the option of grinding for dilithium to buy a Dreadnought cruiser starship or just spending $25 usd to buy it what would you do? Would you sit around doing the same boring thing day in and day out for miniscule amounts of dilithium further hendered by the miniscule refining cap emplaced or would you just cut to the chase and buy the starship you want with real money and enjoy the game playing with the ship?

I have to say if it was up to me I would just spend real money, cause I play this game to relax and enjoy myself. I dont find spending 3 or 4 hours doing dailies and stf elite`s just to earn 4,000 dilithium while I hear other people bragging bout how they are earning 10,000 - 20,000 dilithium in 90 minutes. Improve the content, increase the rewards for our time, spent in the game. Also drop the cost of the starships down some are considerably cheaper than others but yet they havent put anymore time into making them vs the others its just people paying for special perks that gives them an advantage which I think is pathetic cause people will pay big bucks just to get it.

Reguardless if people spend real money or trade dilithium for zen points to buy the stuff in the end PWE/Cryptic is getting their money reguardless of how you buy your zen based items.
Zorlac Nov 16, 2012 @ 12:01pm 
If you earn the zen by trading dilithium you earned in game, then you haven't spent a penny. What do you not understand about that? Seriously man just leave.

You really need to re-read my entire first post. You seem to be purposely ignoring everything I said in it.
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