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Jafarbrz 2012年11月15日 11時19分
Do not play STO online, they lie when tell it is free to play!
Weekend without a single player logged! Players on strike!

If your are asking why?
daxiii23;6600391 wrote:
well lets stay with the reassignment for a moment, lets say i have all white doffs and i want to change into one purple, costs as follows:
white to green:
5 whites + 500 dil = 1 green
green to blue
5 greens + 2500 dill = 1 blue
blue to purple
5 blues + 5000 dill = 1 purple

5x5000 + 5x(2500) + 25x(500) = 50k dil

so one purple BOFF costing now 50k dilithium and 25 white boffs???
and at the same time reduce the amount of dil u can get drastically

scoustar;6598841 wrote:
I tried some Fleet Actions this morning to try and re-motivate myself to play. After being logged out of the Action 14 times during the course of play I gave up. Whilst I'm sure today's server maintenance is designed to repair this, I'm also certain that Fleet Actions are still as dull and pointless as before...

"ooh look, that Tuatara Cruiser is dropping warp plasma, nice. Shame there's not an enemy within 9km of it really"

I agree wholly with Cryptic's idea to entice players to play alternate content. But I think it's disgraceful to destroy enjoyable end game content (guess what you *******, people played STF's for enjoyment as well as dil farming, numbers don't tell you that I suppose :mad:) in order to enforce play in BAD content.

Yes, the Fleet Actions are BAD BAD BAD content, that's why no one played them, except for a few pointless Fleet Marks. Adding the rewards was a good idea. Taking them out of STF's was stupid beyond words, unless we all accept that they did it purely and entirely and deliberately out of greed.

Well done Cryptic, you've proven that inbreeding really does make you dumb.
rodentmaster;6583181 wrote:
**** no!

It's an insult to say they listen but then change one of the LEAST of the problems they just introduced. Adding dilithium back to STFs is a small portion of the problems they've just added. THe entire game is a dil sink now. That's the problem. DOFFs costing THOUSANDS of dil per day is the problem.

The result is still a net loss of thousands of dil per day as compared to season6.

**** NO, I'm not happy with thier "compromise" (which can barely even be called that)
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Zorlac 2012年11月15日 13時41分 
And you can earn all that currency in game without spending a penny. So yes, the game is indeed fully free to play.
Jafarbrz 2012年11月15日 16時12分 
Zorlac are you cryptic employer? Do not lie Zorlac, season 7 created ways for players not win, cryptic just want more money.
Jafarbrz 2012年11月15日 16時22分 
Zorlac check sto forum and you will see many posts like this:

eurialo の投稿を引用:
pve/pvp queue system bugged, so PW disabled it

fleet action bugged: tried many times, every time I engage one the system force me to quit the mission

borg to much strong: even a maco mkII shield + several buff are like butter at the sun

LAG, LAG, and LAG again...

grinding EC is being very difficult

Advancing in this game is now a job... I do not pay a recurring subscription to work on STO... I pay to have fun... No fun? no money... I will find a new game.

But go to sto foruns quick, because crypitc is erasing the messages!
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Jafarbrz 2012年11月16日 3時14分 
I doubt many wanted so many dilithium nerfs and so many dilithium sinks.
Reev Jax 2012年11月17日 4時59分 
What an idiotic post. A company that wants to make money... shocking
saulsse 2012年11月17日 9時42分 
Well I have been with the game since BETA, I am a lifetimer. Things change, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better. If you are this angry then you have not played the game very well and want things (EASY). In short you have issues, the posts that were being deleted, violated the EULA, and therefore were removed.

The fleet action was bugged and allowed individuals to obtain huge amounts of dilithium which I might add has caused some issues. You are upset that the bug was removed. Live with it or even better leave the game.

Have an nice day.
[AoU] That-Damn-Duck 2012年11月17日 10時43分 
Reevax の投稿を引用:
What an idiotic post. A company that wants to make money... shocking

Asphe 2012年11月21日 2時51分 
I think having so many trolls is a good thing. If for nothing else, you don't get angry about something you don't care about. In the meantime, I've made as much dilithium in the past week as I had the previous month. Go figure ^-^

STO really is completely* F2P. Absolutely nothing (with one exception) can't be bought by yourself grinding if you want. Using RL money just saves you time, nothing else.

"I have needs" = "I need your stuff"
"You are greedy" = "You won't give me your stuff"
"I need help" = "Someone please make this person give me their stuff"

*Can't buy the Steam Starter pack with the ingame currenct. Yet.
Njavaho 2012年11月21日 7時08分 
again we need to wait till they balance it properly, for x time since the beginning... season 7 is soo far bad move...
Cyberpapa 2012年12月6日 6時16分 
... In short you have issues, the posts that were being deleted, violated the EULA, and therefore were removed.

I'm having problems with a lack of instructions on the game, the list would go on... so I'll not post any... many things I've discovered how to do fall in line with my philosopy of 'learning like I'm in kindergarden; which means, I poke at buttons to see what they do.' But, even this philosophy only gets me so far.

But, with regard to your statement about the EULA, how were they violating EULA. Not having seen the post, it's not obvious from this thread. From what I read here, it seems like complaining is a violation. I'm presuming that's not the case. I agree with most of what you post, errors/bugs must/should be fixed. I understand the need to nerf from time to time and I'm enjoying the game so far... So, if you know of a good resource on playing that would give me the fundamentals. For example, it's not clear how you fight by hand. Falling asleep last night, I thought about it and was thinking if I holster my weapon, my character will fight by hand... makes sense, if it's so.
I'm at the stage where the logistics of the using the keyboard and mouse detract from the enjoyment of play... but, that's nothing unusual and I expect that to disappear over time. I just need a good reference that will tell me things I seem to be missing from the tutorials. Much of the STO Wiki seems to be dedicated to configuring the keyboard and customizing the commands. Any help would be appreciated. Like, I don't even know 'how' to get dilithium, let alone refine it... I can find the refine option; but, I never seem to have any. But, then, I don't think I'm out of the tutorials yet, but then I'm only 2nd grade lieutenant and enjoying the heck out of the game. I don't understand half of this thread. So far, I change uniform colors and it doesn't cost me anything, so I'm clueless to the references.

Thanks for any help anyone gives...
UniqueCrash5 2012年12月10日 13時42分 shows a full list of the ways to earn Dil.

Join a fleet! A good fleet is full of helpful people. Stonewall Fleet[] are lovely people, even if you're not gay. REDdit Alert seem to be good folk as well.
wickerrobot 2012年12月11日 12時33分 
It's been said before but sto is a great f2p/p2p model. very few other games allow you to earn the in-game money that is purchased with standard accepted currency(real life money). Its an ebb and flow game. You buy zen with cash, zen can buy anything from dillithum(another in-game currency think of it as a different tier of items/equip) to account services like increased inventory space. The kicker is you dont have to spend a dime to get zen. You earn dillithium in game by doing missions(quests) and stuff than sell that to other players for zen. Wait what? can buy it with free money you earn in the game. The numbers break down something like this: 8000 dillithium can be refined per day(for free accounts more for pay accounts). roughly 1 zen = 110ish dilithium, rates are changing alot now. So every 2 days of game grinding you could sell enough to buy 100zen and still have change left over for a piggy bank. If you do that all week... you should have about 500 zen. Thats 5 bucks! 5$ worth of a game currency for free...You can use that zen to buy ships, boffs, doffs, character slots,clothes,bridges,keys absolutley anything they sell lol! (yup about 2 weeks you have enough for 10 keys for free! <~ thats free lobi dudes!) anything that any game typically sells for real money you can buy here for free just by playing. I dont know how they are still rolling with this f2p model frankly. But i welcome it and hope all f2p/p2p follow this standard and we will be happy gamers rich n poor alike.
Cyberpapa 2012年12月17日 8時24分 
wickerrobot の投稿を引用:
I dont know how they are still rolling with this f2p model frankly. But i welcome it
As do we all! The reason it works is because this game and most people do not have the time to grind, I could do it... some. But, still, buying Zen with real dollars is the fastest way to get Zen if you have the pocket to do it. That's why it works. I don't have much pocket money; but, I generally think if a game is worth playing, then it's worth paying. I was tickled to see that those who don't have the cash can still get the zen. It's a great deal.
thorley23 2012年12月19日 1時57分 
The Season 7 updates were indeed a mixed bag, and really they need to add a lot more content into the game. If we're going to grind, having more options to do it would be nice. I also think that as the game is going on 3 years it should have seen at least one major expansion pack by now.

That said the game IS free to play, and it's more generous than most, which is one of the reasons why I've ironically spent so much money on it to keep it going, sinceI like their model and keep hoping they will expand the game signifigantly. The dilithium exchange allows you to get any of the paid content simply by paying a lot if you so desire.

The dil prices added to a lot of old features that used to be cheaper are a GOOD thing as they make dilithium valuable. If there was no real use for Dilithium nobody would put ZEN on the market in order to obtain it. The result of the season 7 changes has actually been to drop the price of Zen substantially, allowing you to exchange for roughly 100 to 1, where previously it could be as high as 350 to 1. A very good thing if your working on trying to get Zen items. The whole thing actually benefitted FTP players I think.

That said they DO need to work on the dil prices half the problem is that a lot of things that cost Dil are nowhere near the asking price. When they want like 20k dil, or 2.5 days of full dil grinding for a character (8k refinement cap per day) for something like a Mk. XI beam array it becomes an issue, and leads to a lot of shunned items. I have mixed opinions about Doff exchanges, but in general I still think it's too generous in that case, as paying 5k dil for a purple doff is still easier than most alternative methods of getting a guaranteed purple doff. Before the removal of Roxy's "Borg Mart" it took 40 EDCs to get a purple borg bridge officer and that's a lot more work than just dropping 5k dil (not even a day's worth). Purple Doffs should be valuable, not something that can be grinded out at the drop of a hat, if anything it's still waaay too easy.

Just my opinions on the subject, I've put hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars into STO, it's one of my favorite games right now (of course it lacks any real competition in terms of science fiction games where you can both fly a ship, and do stuff on the ground within the same game and using the same character) .

Also, Cryptic *DID* put the rewards back into elite STFs.
(M3) LemonAid 2012年12月19日 22時20分 
I have no problem getting Dilithium, or getting proper Doffs.

I do the Daily Defera Mission Set (Contact: Ambassador Surah) -> STFs -> Starbase 24 -> Daily Officer Reports.

This nets me an easy amount of dil. Even doing the Rep Projects that gain you Experience will net you 980 Dil if you do it for both Reps, Romulan and Omega.

Need EC? Do a Foundry Mission called "Battleship Rumble Royal" in Conjunction with Daily Officer Reports. You'll get a CRAPLOAD of Greens/Blues doing this mission that you can get 300,000-600,000 EC for depending, if you sell it to a vendor. (Higher Rate of EC return than if you Recycled it.). --- Keep in mind that there is a cap of how much loot you can get from foundry missions in a day so eventually the mission will stop dropping loot for a period of time, but I've done it two/three times in a row before that happend for 250,000 to 500,000 EC a piece... an easy 750,000 to 1,500,000 EC.

That's how I make my dil , even at this time when things are weird due to Season 7 changes.

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