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Lythy_John Jul 18, 2013 @ 8:20am
Commander Advice
So I have just leveled up to a commander. I am an engineer and I bought the heavy cruiser (2 engineering stations, 3n3 weapons etc) and I was wondering what would be the best consoles and other things to go with the ship. Also, any ground items that are reccomended. I played to to a Good level Captain last year but that was a year ago.

Any help is appreciated
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Sub-Zero Jul 18, 2013 @ 10:50am 
Well since I mostly play in space, I cannot really tell you much about ground (I usually stick with whatever items I come across with that). So here's how I would set up the cruiser:

Weapons: 2x Beam Arrays + 1x Torpedo of your choice for front
2x Beam Arrays + 1x Torpedo of your choice for the aft

Deflector: Positron Deflector (this one seems most suitable for cruisers)
Shield: Pretty much any at this stage
Engine: Combat Impulse Engines (those are helpful when you don't have a lot of engine power (say below 50)


Engineering: 3x armor consoles of your choice, pretty much anything can go here
Science: 1x Shield Emitter Amplifier or Emitter Array console.
Tactical: 1x Energy damage console depending your chosen energy weapon type (for example: 1x Phaser Relay for increased phaser damage)

On your bridge officer abilities you can use whatever you want for the most part, however I consider the following abilities to be must haves for most of my cruiser ships:

Tactical skills: Tactical Team I, Beam Fire at Will II
Engineering skills: Engineering Team I, Emergency Power to Shields II (try to use III later!)
Science skills: Hazard Emitters I, Transfer Shield Strength II

I hope this helps :)
Lythy_John Jul 18, 2013 @ 11:43am 
It does a lot thank you but 2 questions.
1) Which weapon energy would you reccomend??? (I don't know which is stronger)
2) Which torpedo type would you reccomend??? (I tend to use quantum torpedoes cos I found it while it was the strongest)
Sub-Zero Jul 18, 2013 @ 1:45pm 
I think I can help with that too ^^

Well lets see: As a cruiser captain, pretty much any energy weapon can be useful, some more than others though. Polaron and Tetryon are (I strongly believe) dependant on our skill in "Flow Capacitors". FC affects your drain abilities. Tetryon can drain shields, Polaron can drain subsystem power on your target. If you don't have any skill points in flow capacitors, then pretty much all the others are viable. To be honest, your choice matters mostly in regards to weapon effects (called procs) as all energy weapon types do identical base damage.

When in doubt, phasers (can knockout subystems at randon) or disruptors (can debuff your targets damage resistance) are always good, but also quite expensive. Plasma (can apply damage-over-time burn) is decent too, but only if you can buff their damage later with consoles from your fleets embassy if you plan on taking it into PVP and/or the Romulan Reputation set. If PVP is not your concern, then plasma is just as good for PVE as phasers and disruptors are. I would stay away from antiproton though. Antiproton is nice, since it does 10% more critical damage by default, but that chance is simply too low on most engineer builds. Not to mention, its almost impossible to afford decent weapons with that type due to their rarity and power for tactical captains.


Do yourself (and any future teams) a favor do not run a "rainbow boat". Mixing weapon types sounds like a good idea, but theres 2 major problems with this:

1. You cannot use tactical consoles to optimum effect, you will lack a serious amount of damage, especially on a cruiser with limited slots

2. Say you put 4 different beams on your current ship, each of a different type. Problem is, that this means 4 different procs, so you won't get the desired effect. Stick with 1 type you really want to maximize the chance of this effect actually going off.

As for torpedos:

This is (thankfully) a lot easier. On a cruiser, I use quantums most of the time. They reload longer than most torps, but they make up for that with high damage. To make up for the long reload time, use Torpedo High Yield bridge officer abilities to maximize your damage with it. Or you can broadside with your energy beams while you wait for your torpedo to reload. Broadsiding is the best way to squeeze as much damage as possible out of your cruiser (remember to keep your energy in weapons).

I hope that helps ^^
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Lythy_John Jul 18, 2013 @ 2:00pm 
That helps a lot, thank you. I tend to have 1 turret on at all times cos I like being able to always hit with something. I will have a loot at my FC situation and get the energy accordingly. Lot of help, thanks
Sub-Zero Jul 18, 2013 @ 3:40pm 
Turrets sound like a good idea for cruisers, due to their arc. However, rest assured that single beams are perfectly fine here. Their arcs are fairly big, and their damage is way higher than that of a turret. Turrets only get really good with abilities such as cannon rapid fire. On a cruiser, you generally want to focus on beam buffs like Beam Overload or Fire at Will. Of course, try out what you like. Some cruisers can run cannons + turrets fine and dont even need any beams necessarily :)
C6Tom Jul 18, 2013 @ 9:19pm 
I agree with xeno except for the turrets and way to out fit cruisers. I would run 5 beam arrays and a quantum torp up front or 4 beam arrays and 2 quantum torps 1 up front 1 in back. The dps you lose by using a turret instead of a beam array isn't good and while not firing broadside it saves you weap power so you'll do more damage while firing up front.
Lythy_John Jul 19, 2013 @ 2:51am 
Ok then, I will see which beams are the best then. I think putting more points in FC would be good so I could use the polaron or tetryon stuff. Which has the best DPS???
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Sub-Zero Jul 19, 2013 @ 11:59am 
DPS is identical across all weapons as long as their MK levels, rarity and modifiers match. If you wanna talk DPS potential (!) then the antiproton and disruptor weapons are better because they either soften targets up (disruptors) or deal higher critical damage (antiproton). Ignoring that, all weapons are the same.
Plushie Jul 20, 2013 @ 8:11am 
Fyi Tetryon are considered the worst type of weapons, only because the proc on them ( More shield damage ) Isn't all that great especially when leveling because shields don't last 2 mins on Enemy NPC's and it's a 2.5% chance to work ( which is the same as all the other weapons ) but too low to be useful.
Lythy_John Jul 20, 2013 @ 12:25pm 
I did see though that the tetryon damage is higher than the phaser damage at the same rank
[Sco] Cooper Kid Jul 20, 2013 @ 6:46pm 
Depends a lot on what type of character (and what type of ship) you're using. If your ship is small and agile, phasers and torpedoes facing both forwards and backwards can be useful. If (like me) you're an Engineer and go for Cruisers which are particularly slow, a different setup might be required. For example, I had 2 phasers and a torpedo facing forwards as most people do, but a set of mines at the back, and two turrets. This is very handy as the turrets can fire forwards, even though they're positioned at the back. It does leave my rear a little undefended but the mines can usually make up for that - no-one can get too close and I have a couple of speed abilities which can be used to get out of a sticky situation.

I've gone for plasma beams and plasma torpedoes, and consoles which enhance plasma damage. They're not the most powerful weapons in the world, but they cause damage-over-time after a hit which prevents your enemies from recovering between attacks. A good torpedo hit can also apply this effect to lots of ships at once, which can often be more useful than a normal torpedo simply doing a bit of damage to them all.
The big upside of plasma won't really come along till you reach higher levels and start working on Special Task Force missions - there are 2 special Plasma Torpedo launchers and a special Plasma Beam that you can get.

Depending on your character type, you might want more consoles that enhance your science, engineering or tactical skills. Your bridge officer skills also play a crucial part. The best thing to do is try out different consoles to see what works - don't be afraid to swap them around.
Lythy_John Jul 21, 2013 @ 1:27am 
Right ok thanks. I have a cruiser but I have it so it is fast and very agile. I tend to broadside a lot and swing round to hit with a quamtum torpedo. I am an engineer myself. I am coming up to the big choice soon though. Galaxy or Intrepid. I want the best setup now so that whatever I choose later will be great.
I did have a turret but I was convinced to stick with just beam arrays and it has made a big increase on my damage output. I have tetryon right now but I can always change them all to a better set up. I have them though cos they rip through shields better than normal which allows a few hits to the hull and its fairly quick work. But if there are better types, I am willing to try. I just don't want to try each and every one of them :P
Sub-Zero Jul 21, 2013 @ 3:35am 
The Galaxy is the purest tank cruiser you can find in the game, especially its endgame variant. Try her out at level 30, it will give you an idea of how the big cruisers work. She doesn't excel at firepower though. When you eventually hit 40, its time to choose your last free ship from leveling. My personal suggestion is to take the Assault Cruiser (Sovereign & variants) as its a better performer than its Star Cruiser counterpart. The game centers so much around doing damage, the Sovereign never becomes a bad pick. Of course, both the Star Cruiser and Assault Cruiser can be good if flown right. When in doubt, pick the one you like more visually.

You can still get their mirror universe versions for little EC off the exchange if you prefer the layout of their counterparts (for example, a Mirror Assault Cruiser with the layout of a Sovereign, but the look of an Emissary (Star Cruiser).
[Sco] Cooper Kid Jul 21, 2013 @ 4:09am 
I have the Star Cruiser myself, but then I usually play with friends or fleet mates and my job is to tank damage and buff friendlies. Dealing damage comes second.
CrazyGunner Jul 21, 2013 @ 7:30am 
First of all start ignoring the 2 torpedo setup completely. This is seriously a bad setup at all ranks, especially at lower ranks.
Why you may ask? Engineering ships lack tactical slots to properly use them, because Tactical Teams are essential and you want those Fire at Wills as well, there is just no room for Torpedo skills.
Second cruisers are slow as hell, so if you're running 2 torps, then that means you constantly have to turn 180 degrees minimum (since torps are only 90 degrees), which takes too long to be viable. On top of that you will have to miss out on Beam Array damage, now sure, torps do more damage if shields are down, but it's not worth it, especially if you start to think that the enemy will be turning etc and that you will probably be hitting a shield by the time you get the second torp to fire, making it crap.
On top of that all, the loss of 1 or 2 beam arrays because of those torps means it will take you longer to get those shields down, so yeah they will help you punch through when they are down, but I find the advantage minimal at best. If you factor in multitarget skills such as Fire at Will when fighting 2-3 targets, then all the sudden those torps are gonna cost you more damage then they make up.

My advice would be to completely ignore torps altogether until you get 4 weapons front and 4 back, because at that point it starts to make sense to run that torp, because the more weapons you fire, the more energy drain you have, so instead of having that 8th beam array fire with low weapon energy, you might as well trade it in for a torp. Not to mention that a lot of the lvl50 content is with the Borg, who have weak shields but extremely strong hulls, so torps do very well there.

As for turrets, they should be used with dual (heavy) cannons only. The reason for that is that they work with the skills Cannon Rapid Fire and Cannons Scatter Volley, so running cannons in front and turrets in the back, will allow all weapons to fire. Of course this setup should only be used on high turnrate ships (even though it is possible to use on some cruisers etc)
The same goes for beam weapons, they work with Fire at Will, so if you have 6 Beam Arrays, all 6 will start shooting multiple targets, if you got some turrets in there, then you will lose a lot of multitarget damage.

As for ground, anything goes, but I personally do always pick up a engineering kit with all the explosives. Just so easy to run up a group, place mines under/infront of them and watch them explode. ;)
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