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Ship Armaments (Help)
Hi all, as a new player I find it really hard to know when i find a better weapon, and if i should equip it or not...

Is there a weapons manual / guide somewhere ? or can anyone help me out ?
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Nephtys Jun 21, 2013 @ 6:56am 
A few tips I can share to help you along.
1.) Never mix damage types, stick to one type ie phasers, or disruptors, and use the tactical consoles for the damage type, not the weapon type. ( The bonus for dmg over type is much higher)

2.) Weapons with a narrow firing arc, such as dual heavy cannons, or dual beam banks, work best on ships with a good turn rate, as you need to keep your targets in your forward firing cone. Beam arrays are better for less agile ships, as they have a much wider firing arc, and work well in 'broadsides'.

3.) Accuracy [ACC] is one of the best weapon stats, as it will convert to critical chance once your accuracy is capped. Critical chance [CRIT-H] is also good, and weapons with both accuracy and critical chance are usually very good. Critical severity [CRIT-D], is not really very useful with most builds.

4.) Always try to have at least one torpedo, energy weapons are great vs shields, but torpedo's kinetic heavy damage will be highly effective once the shields are down. Photon torps have the best rate of fire and dps, so work well in combination with cannons on agile ships. Slower firing torps with high alpha such as quantums are better for beam boats generally.

Hope that helps you get to grips with the basics.
Thank you very much, that helps a lot.... :)
I have just 1 question to this, whats a good turn rate? (in numbers) :)
Cruisers and carriers have a slow turn rate, escorts and science vessels have a higher turn rate. My atrox carrier has a turn rate of 5 which is pretty horrible, cruisers have 6 or 7. A good turn rate is any escort or science vessel turn rate. But that doesnt mean cruisers and carriers are bad. If you chose tactical or sci you should have no problem with the turn rate, if you took engineer, your turn rate ill be low, thats why you should use beams that have a high firing angle.
[40-1]HandsomeJack Jun 21, 2013 @ 10:12am 
Thank you very much :)
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