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cygnusx1 Jan 30, 2013 @ 11:11am
Some questions about how Fleets work...
I've been playing single-player for long while & I'm about as high up in terms of stats as anybody on Free to Play. Recently I began looking for Fleets to maybe ask to join. I hadn't hit anyone up yet but I got an invite out of the blue to join one. I liked the name & after a brief look at their description, I decided to accept the offer. But having never been in a Fleet I don't know what to expect. Sorry for the noob questions but...

They say you need 40,000 fleet credits just to get promoted enough to get a one item/day withdrawl limit, the next step up is 200,000 which is 4/day. Is this normal? Do I just need to earn the credits or do I pay someone? Also, they never have any events, at least they haven't had any in the time I've been a member (about 2 weeks or so) and thers nothing on their calendar. They have a T3 Satrbase & a T1 Embassy which I've been contributing to quite regularly. I average about 2-3,000 a day in dilithium, dozens of fleet marks. I've also given Duty Officers, those very expensive Embassy name it. Not to mention, the very rare mk XI gear I give to the bank. Is that an acceptable enough amount? And then when I make a request for a simple console schematic, I get no answer. There doesn't really seem to be the sense of the community I keep reading about. And quite honestly, I feel a little like I'm being taken somewhat. And lastly, do I lose all my fleet credits if I leave.

If this is all normal I can accept that of course. It just seems all a bit too rigid to me.

And BTW I'm a VA50 w/ full crafting capability and am willing to contribute whatever I can to any mature Fleet looking to recruit

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Yoshiblue Jan 30, 2013 @ 6:29pm 
You keep everything when you leave. However, its set this way due to people joining fleets and clearing out their banks and then leaving. When you join a fleet, you are given restrictions based on your rank and what they are set to by the leader. So I guess if they told you "you need 40k fleet points to advance in rank" it means they want to know that your going to stay and help feed the the fleet. Then anyone from the higher ups can promote you.

All the fleet stuff is just something to give end gamers and fleets ingeneral something to do or achive. It takes alot of materials to fill and they want all the members they can get for it. That and fleet wars but I don't know much about it. Even then, you got to save up for all the best equipment. So its your call if you want to stay or not.
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Demonsoul109 Jan 31, 2013 @ 7:26am 
Im not sure how big that fleet is. Sometime the really big ones tend to leave the new recruits behind. Small Fleets struggle for materials to grow but are always doing something. My fleet is small with 6 active members. We don't require you to gain x amount of fleet credits before allowing you to purchase from the fleet stores. We are almost a tier II Fleet and are always looking for new members. We have our own teamspeak 3 server if you wana use voice chat. We do Share our materials with those who contribute to the fleet. Maybe you can give us a try We are The Order Of The Ninth Fleet .

I am Malock@demonsoul109
cygnusx1 Jan 31, 2013 @ 11:08am 
Thanks for the replies. I totally get that Fleets need to put restrictions on new members. I guess my question was more towards the requirements for promotions. It is a big Fleet and like PW said, I think I'm just getting lost in the shuffle.

Potato....Thanks for the invite. I'll give your Fleet a try. I'll hit you up in game.

I'm Scipio Stellarus@cyg2112
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