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Kira_Hitomi Jan 13, 2013 @ 11:34am
Exclusive Steamrunner Escort
Hello, I hope everyone takes the opertunity to take advantage of the Star Trek Online: Steam Starter Pack.

This pack gives us access to the Steamrunner class Federation Escort one of the most powerful escort ships in game, both in DPS and survivability. The Steamrunner is incredibly manueverable, hits hard and has very thick skin for a true escort in this game. The console that comes with the ship is unique in that it effects the whole parties survivability greatly regardless of party members range.

There are a couple of people on Perfect Worlds STO forums doing their best to get us more for this awesome exclusive ship of ours.

This post: by Wunjee is about trying to correct the glaring visual/model issues with the ship (after all paying $25 should get us very good bang for our buck on a single ship). Most noteable issues with the ship visually is the incorrect impluse engine placement and lack of ship name/registry flood lights that all other Federation ships have.

This post: by Kirahitomi is about getting us more visual appearance options as the Steamrunner currently has no optional parts unlike all the other ships in game! He's trying to get us access to an advanced Steamrunner concept as an alternative appearance that was created for the Star Trek: First Contact movie but never used (this concept is a very hot looking ship well worth at least taking a look at).

There are additional posts regarding fitting, handling and play styles and it would take too long to post them all, however the more support we get for this here and on Perfect World's forums the better chance we have at making this already awesome ship that much better.
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Sheeeiiit Jan 14, 2013 @ 7:48pm 
It can't be that hard for them to fix the ship visual details. The ship guy must be very busy. He's usually prompt at fixing stuff like that.
Yoshiblue Jan 14, 2013 @ 8:42pm 
The steamrunner isn't the only ship that needs looking at. There are several other ships that need minor touches and changes. Along with that, the Galaxy Bridge Pack's Lcars still aren't fixed. Same back squares and overall oddness since the day it was released.

And they say its due to Perfect World.

"Just think, minimum effort, maximum profit. That is how everything is being done since the PWE Overlords took over...."
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