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Red Weston Jan 10, 2013 @ 3:29am
Whats the endgame content like? Thinking of getting premium also
My friend is level 23 or so, and I'm about level 5, but am realling enjoying the game because its just different, and the space combat is kinda awesome

Just want to know what the endgame content is like, its replayability, end game quests and such? Any info appreciated
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Yoshiblue Jan 10, 2013 @ 6:00am 
Aside from working on gathering dilithium for C-store stuff. The fleets now how have a star base feature which creates a real good resource sink for some of the best gear, space and ground, in the game as the reward. They also revamped the reputation system so that you can get the still popular borg and new Romulan set via putting in resources there. Plenty of fleet actions and if you want to beat the unbeatable, they have a Kobayashi Maru like mission. Plenty of things to craft if you like crafting. Could also save dilithium for a character slot to buy a undery character where you make missions for others to play. Kinda like Spore's Galactic Adenture pack. Or you can play as the Klingon faction when its unlocked. Theres also alot of achivements for those hunters.

Premium is interesting. Free goodies for the number of days you stay subbed. You also get a perm increase to the following I believe.

-Inventory Space
-Bank Space
-Account Wide Bank unlocked
-4 extra Boff slots
-An extra klingon and federation character
-Foundry Fed and KDF character

-Not sure but I think theres a permanent EC increase to 1 billion as well.
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