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Cyberpapa Dec 6, 2012 @ 6:38am
Help a Newbie
I'm looking for a good game reference, one that will basically tell me what each command does.

I've learned a lot just from trying commands listed in the keybind section. And some of them actually tell you what the command does; but, I'm in dire straits trying to speed my learning curve. I'm not looking to build or assign keys, I just want to know what they do, and how to do things in the game. I'd give examples; but, I have so many we'd lose site of what I need.

I just need a good online, or offline reference to game play. Any suggestions, all will be valued and examined. Thank you.
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00 Dec 6, 2012 @ 7:39am 
in PVP? or PVE or in general, its pretty straight forward...same controls as most FPS to be honest asdw config, but u realise that the best way to learn is to just have fun, or buy Bridge Commander for the basic sheild rotation skills as most of players are Bridge Commander players..
wickerrobot Dec 6, 2012 @ 9:54am 
Not sure there is one the in game tut and trial and error are the best bet along with steam hubs and asking ingame questions. The game has alot going on at first but things fall into place as you do them you begin to understand. Right click and the info option might bring up larger discriptions of things to understand items and abilities. You can replay missions also to work out the kinks and get goodies. If you can find a social fleet go for it otherwise Red Alert! lol fleets here(guilds,clan,linkshell,group,league,squad..etc all the same) are highly exploitative. There is a reason you see the zone shouting on the hour every hour for "recruits" and get soo many blind fleet invites(you can turn that off by the way setting privacy options under the social tab in the mini map menu). There is alot you can do to customize the interface from what key/button does what, to moving hub windows. So if it feels awkward at first you can suit it to you.
00 Dec 7, 2012 @ 1:51pm 
i agree with the fleets thingys, the last 1 i was in try to make me put all my admiral 5 stuff into a fleet bank, and when a noob leaves they either take it with them or discard it i got booted out of me guild cause i wouldnt put my cool♥♥♥♥♥♥in there lol..
hypermail Dec 9, 2012 @ 4:27am 
It seems that I need tons of accounts before I can play. I created already one and I don't know what to do to link it to Steam. Now the site wants also to create Cryptic account, but I can't even use the same screen name. I already have a gazillion other accounts, I think I give up.

Ahha, I tried and you just need a perfect account.
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Defiance12 Dec 10, 2012 @ 2:07am 
i dont play Bridge Commander, the only Trek games i ever played were in the PS2 and Xbox, but with this game i found it simple to just go staight in... to quote piggyback manuals for halo 2, respawning is there for a good reason so you can learn how to get past something without penalty.

The learning curve isnt that bad on this game, some other games like this have VERY steep learning curves. im thinking EVE online when i say that.

as for fleets on here the one im in is social and they dont expect you to put your very rare stuff into the bank. infact most of my fleet leaders lookout for gear if you ask them to.

my PW account isnt linked to steam, but i decided to uninstall STO and get steam and get STO through steam. not linked but for all intents and purposes it is links in a way.

If your still in need of help ask people ingame. a lot of us are willing to help out. and if you need a good fleet i know of a few that will take you on and give you a helping hand :)
Cyberpapa Dec 17, 2012 @ 8:50am 
First, thanks for all the replys. I have thought about a fleet; but, think it's only fair I learn the game a bit (Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarden) trial and error. It took me a while to get over getting destoyed, now I [RED ALERT] all the time, and it's more fun than going alone, one still gets credit for completing the quest, and I die... some. But, it's still grand fun to do it.
I've learned quite a bit about the game since I started; and I've actually taken advantage of my noobie experience by creating a notebook of things I wanted to know, looking them up on STOwiki and when I learn and couldn't find it, I go back and create a page for future noobs like me. I've done dome remodeling of the key-bind area, and added descriptions as to what each key does. If anyone wants to edit/help; the link is
I've even started writing my own Bind_file.txt files to add stacking actions like to make my torpedo high yield, then fire torpedo on the same key. I just wish they'd label the Tray with the letter assignment like they do for console dedicated single action key-binds.

I promise for every bit of help I get from the community; I will devote time to the STOwiki, to include as much as I can. The only benefit of being a noob is that you can still remember wha it's like to not know everything. ;-)

Can anyone tell me what the best way to accomplish Duty Officer Assignments, when you don't have that many, or the correct duty officer? How bad is it when you have a failure or disaster, does it interfere with game play stats. It appears to go on your official record at Starfleet, what are the repercussions for that!? Makes me nervous to try Assignments with only a 50/50 chance; in fact, I only try them when Success of some kind is statistically very high.

Thanks for your help.
Oh, when people refer to Boffs, are they referring to the Duty officers one gets in a pack that one uses to do the assignments?
And, at the beginning, I got some people to staff my Ship's stations, is there any way to get more places so one can have more choices? Right now I have eight slots... one for Me, my ship, and 6 people, is there any way to get more slots in this space?

Thanks so much for any help; it will get into the STOwiki. These subject are sadly lacking. And search parameters on google is still hard to find the right information... so many times it leads to a forum where the only thing in the posts related to what I'm searching for... are the exact words. lol I was hoping for more than that; but, I do occasionally get lucky.
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