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About the Female chars and the not realy up to date grapic...
Hello again Steam Sto Comunity (sounds wors then it is ment to be ...)

I just wanted the personal meaning of all of you about the Character grapics and what they should improve about it. My personal thinking is that they rather go in the Perfect world / Terra Online direction when it comes to the Optics of people. Its quiet simply the BEST in my opinion (i live and like western country's but the point is that the Asian Dev's are fare more Anime style when it comes to the look of their char's and thats what i realy like about them (other is the grinding based gameplay XD) so what do you think? Should we try to get as much people into Facebook or per BIG SUBSCRIPTION to at least try to change it or do you want to just leave it the way it is?(I only mention the "I get creeped out by guy's who have female characters." thread.)

MFG. Kouta Seto
FLEET ADMIRAL of Earth_Defence_Force

PS. SRY again for bad english if to many of you dont get what i wanted to tell them i try and take my time for it once more its important for a game of that BADASSNESS to improve its grapic with the time like WOT(World of Tanks) did.
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Muscles1 Dec 10, 2012 @ 11:43am 
I play alot of WOT nice to see a fellow player
Names muscles1 and have 5000 battles
-, gz for you but this is not the answer i wanted ... i only took WOT as example cause they seriously updated their graphic in 1 patch so i only want you all to consider what it could be for STO if one actualy update's the engine to a newer and better one (like the one in terra or perfect world) cause shure its great but it still is not the cap what an MMO is capable off in terms of : Good looking chars and suroundings and not to much ressurc killing (like having a minecraft server up and running -,)
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Date Posted: Dec 6, 2012 @ 4:51am
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