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marcksjames Nov 30, 2012 @ 11:40pm
Are you allowed to use remote controllers if yes then how?
I have not downloaded it yet but I want to know if it will allow you to use like xbox remotes or something similar.
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Yes, you can use an XBox 360 controller. But only a wired one. And not one connected with a charging cable, must be a wired controller. Hope this helps!
marcksjames Dec 4, 2012 @ 8:56pm 
Thanks, but how do I actually activate it, like in the settings or what? Because it isnt working for me, and I dont know why.
wickerrobot Dec 5, 2012 @ 11:42am 
Yes its not supported technically but its one of the best controller supported games lol... you can check x-box or other in the controller options than it gets complicated. You have to bind the keys you want where you want them in the keybind option the cmnd can be typed into the chat bar for example: "/bind joy11 throttleadjust .25" that would make the X-botton adjust your speed 25% faster. the list is in the keybind option bar ingame just put your mouse over it for the cmd to input. It gets more complicated with strings of macro's you can put for each button to do multiple tasks. Also adding a + like "joy7+joy10" means you push both the L bumper and the B button that way you can map the controller with in essence shift and alt stuff which you need for the many ingame abilities on your power tray. It will take alot of time and trial and error to see what fits right and google research for complete listing of cmds. Certain buttons already have function prolly from the og engine which has controller support(<-guessing) like A button will jump on the ground and L and R bumpers target enemies and friends so clear the button first in the keybind option(hover over the command click with mouse chose clear) than input it so there's no conflict. I love the controller support in this game i use a x-box360 wired plus verbal interface XD win7 speech recognition macro(free from so i can bind phrases like "Shields up" and when i say it boom there go my sheilds lol..I say "map" brings up my map. I say "inventory"..brings that up. its really nerdy and really cool for a trek fan. "Fire phasers" saying that aloud watching my phasers fire never gets old. nether does "all stop". "full impulse" get the point lol.. its fun!
jbuggyps2 Jan 13, 2013 @ 9:16am 
ok that right there needs to be in the game from the start. so stupid to have to go do key bindings when there other game Champions Online is just a simple plug and play. kinda lazy that they didn't do the same for Star Trek.

anyway would love to know how you set up your game with voice!!! that is just awesome!!!
marcksjames Jan 22, 2013 @ 4:22am 
thanks guys for the replys, they really help.
wickerrobot Jan 25, 2013 @ 11:41am 
Good luck with binding the controller! It's nice when you find your style. There are a bunch of commands in this game but you can fit it. You may want to leave some buttons blank like a "place setter". For example I leave the Bumpers/triggers blank..but when say RB(Right bumper) is pressed with RT(Right trigger) it balances sheild strength to the right. When RB is pressed with LB(Left bumper) it balances shields forward. When RB is pressed with Yb,Xb,Bb or Ab(basic x,y,a,b buttons) it links to tray abilities. When it's pressed with any d-pad(directional button up,down,left,right) it controls my ship speed, up is +25, down is -25, right is toggle(essentially full stop) so you can get alot of stuff by overlaping, it's key to packing all the abilities in. If you hit a snag take a familiar game(s) check out the manual and control layout cherry pick the stuff you like and bind to a similar function to get started.

By the way interesting side exploit(?) seems using a xbox360 wired controller already has movement function with the axis stick, left stick moves you, right stick looks.but..the walk/run feature when you press slightly forward you walk when you push it all the way you run applies in space o.O so without adjusting ship speed you can "walk turn" which has a side effect of adjusting ship speed without even touching it.. so you are able to get a small increase in turn rate relative to ship speed, anyone could/can/does this but it's automatic with a controller. Ship inertia will really let you see this. On a Fighter using a "walk turn" brings you to a full stop even though engines are a full go lol...on an oddy you "slide" into the turn..I leave the mouse hovered over the speed and you can see it adjust, using my keyboard it stays solid.

For the voice interface use "Windows Speech Recognition"(comes with win7 home pre.) download from microsoft the "Windows Speech Recognition Macros" it's a vista prog.(free) but works with win7 fine, takes a lil chunk of mem though. In the vista macro you can bind phrases to keys. Like the word "Map" can be set to hit the key M(or ctrl,shift, alt M) So everytime you say "Map" the M key will be pressed, ingame when you say Map it hits the M key bringing it up, saying map again will close it. You can bind any phrase(even add your own words made up or real) to any key and set up profiles for games. It's tricky if you mic alot while playing having to turn off and on the listening feature of the speech recognition. I don't rely on it it's just for fun even though when in use it's like having a third hand, only so many finger configurations you can press with a keyboard/mouse or controller the voice adds another dynamic to game play. It learns as you use it to better understand your accent, voice patterns, inflection, tone...etc., so at first it's default. All pc's are different but works for me. Make sure you double check specs b4 downloading anything.
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