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About sto (how it realy is ...) (AGAIN)
Hello Folks ...

I just write this again because there is again so much discusion about sto not being real F2P or something else ...

1. YEA its buggy ATM but REMEMBER: The new Sim City has made it into the worst release version list of the world and its still buggy as hell and? Millions of people play it cause its still a good game!
2. Its NOT P2W ! Again i can go toe to toe against even the heavyest of enemy's and with good teamwork even outgun them(thats what all is about: TEAMWORK!)
3. STO is still not realy a version 1.0 ... why? Because of 2 things :1. The DEVS themselfe called it unfinished and told us that maybe in 8 years its the game they wanted! 2. We dont even have all factions so wth? just thing of it as an Open Beta with a lot more content than every other beta in your live had!
4. Yea the ships ... Still they are lacking some ballance (and some canon stats i never saw an sovereighn die that fast against something like in sto on klingon side and i was a lousy BoP(Bird of Prey) so a little more comon sence is nessesary but ..... WAIT they arent even finished with ballancing and even the PVP will get a revamp over the next year so what? it just proves they still work on it and eventualy we will get a game better than all other ST games combined in the next 2 to 3 years!

Thats again all i have to say ... read it like it (because this is the truth about what STO is ATM ... just an unfinished open beta!) complain about it i dont care ... i will write this again when there are again so many who just complain about it and not even played it right (320 hours on steam and i dont count the online time with my other PC where it is non steam installed and is sometimes running hours just because of DOFF's wich is a very good part of the game (we need more Doff missions like sending troups (many of them) into a dangerous place where at least some will die! thats the sad reality of command! you will LOSE LIVES!)

And Cryptic if you happen to read this: Yes it would be a good gameplay idea of involving missions that actualy kill Bridge officers from your ship so you have to get others to take their place. Its a War and its blody so why not? or just nog them out in the midle of combat (so that you cannot use their skills anymore) and let them be at sickbay for 30 mins or even longer (some realism in a war driven game when your about to get us into faction vs faction area controll PVP in the next year (eventualy in Addon 2 , Addon 1 is the full completion of KDF and RSE wich took longer than i thought (klingons where ready during the first months of the game but then ... you kicked them up to lvl 25 starting)

Kouta Seto Leader of the Earth Defence Force of the United Earth Federation (wich is commandet by Mina Tepes btw.(NO i will not post my full Bio here even if you want to read it!)

PS: Yes i STILL say ♥♥♥♥ THE GRAMA ONLINE! i have proven in the last 2 months that im more than capable of outgunning people in writing text with just a pencil and a paper.
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quintal Mar 28, 2013 @ 1:51pm 
> maybe in 8 years its the game they wanted!
with the gaming market being as volatile as it is, there's at least a 50% chance STO won't exist anymore 8 years from now

> even the PVP will get a revamp
PVP? what PVP ?

> 320 hours on steam
you obviously got engrossed in it, others didn't.
I didn't. I like some of it, but not enough to keep me playing beyond a trial.
Just being in the ST universe isn't enough for me, the gameplay has to keep me going and it doesn't.
hyperfish Apr 2, 2013 @ 5:39pm 
shut uo star trek is epic

and sto is going to be on the ps3 and xbox
MrThebigcheese Apr 3, 2013 @ 4:14am 
sto was epic but the new reputation system is HORRIBLE. I need to buy tons off the ah or grind a million health kits/shield charges/regenerators? Lol no tanks. I said goodbye to STO when they released that along with daily grinds.
Last edited by MrThebigcheese; Apr 3, 2013 @ 4:15am
If you cannot grind then just buy it with Zen items ... you get a ton of EC for all of the grind buyable items for them so what? you can either buy or grind and the new rep system is still good (as well for the fact that if you where not capable of getting the set items bevore it you will now have an easier time for them (as well as (SRY) you suck back when they where "drops")

And again for the PVP ... shure it sucks cause its not canon(A bop capable of wiping out a sovereighn? give me the stuff you where smoking!) but they have plans in mind plans that those who read their forum or THEIR wiki(no one can add things there i tryed it several times)

As well for the 8 year mark : RO has reached it and died an honorable death so what?(as well as it got an successor now better than the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t released 3 years ago!) no one was suspecting Ragnarok online last longer than 4 years especiel when WOW poop up!

Sto in fact is still in its child state(something RO was in for at least 4 years untill they got things like lighthalzen and stuff that you WANT to grind for!) so why now say its bad when it is still not finished? We can complain about it further when it reached its 4 years and when it finaly brought down WOW for good! (WOW is the established lucifer of all the MMO's out there but the GTVA even managed to bring her down so why shouldnt sto be the game bringing down wow?)
K1LLFR3AK Apr 4, 2013 @ 4:45am 
There's a 50% chance STO wont exist a year from now lol. I've been without internet because well life. But I get back and STO is this ball of crap? When a game goes Free to play. It's over. Dead.

STO just got Galaxies'd.
Last edited by K1LLFR3AK; Apr 4, 2013 @ 4:46am
ok i was thinking about wiping out all of those who think its 50/50 or even wors that sto would exist for the next year but dont forget this: WOT is F2P and was it from the beginning (3 years) PWI is F2P and will be it unless the stars die (and that was WHAT? 5 years ago when i first heard of it?) and now RO1 shure it died but that was inavoidable and got a MK2 version (called RO2) shure it got some big shoee's to fit (i like them! and dont call me pedo just because they where cute little girls!) but it will like ro did over time(and its .... F2P)

so if you just dont like it then dont post here! shure you still can but the point of saying its not nice and not even have it played long enogh (lets think about this: 320 hours on steam and a lot more without it makes me an expert for this game even if i dont play it like those who call themselfes pro in this game!(BEAMS AND TORPS 4 WIN!) to find out how great this game is for those who put time into it(like MH)
Mikouen Apr 4, 2013 @ 8:13am 
You're not an "expert" until you know what goes into making a video game.

If you had that kind of knowledge and experience then I am quite certain you would have a very different opinion of STO and all of those involved with it.
Sub-Zero Apr 11, 2013 @ 7:28am 
"When a game goes Free to play. It's over. Dead."
Thats why TF 2 is still around right? Don't get me wrong, I don't play that game myself, but I can almost guarantee you that STO will be around by next year. The money Cryptic made with subscriptions back in the day they now make with lockboxes and an ever growing catalogue of highly sought after ships. I dread to think how many $ people spent on the vague chance at getting a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship (just one example). While I don't support that system with money personally, it evidently is a huge turnover for Cryptic. And now with the Romulans coming, it sure does not look like this game is going anywhere any time soon.
Last edited by Sub-Zero; Apr 11, 2013 @ 7:28am
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