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BlueVal. Nov 16, 2013 @ 6:45am
The Sanctuary Network
Hello there all,

ingame , my name is Amanda Tapping@atdfjameskirk and im the leader of The Sanctuary Network and The Sanctuary Network KDF

Who are we ?

A fleet who is comming of the ground atm we have 42 members , with a good community , and friendly , also having fun , we always try to help others,

What do you need to join ?

Practiclly nothing , we help beginners and we accept everyone from Level 1,

What do we offer ?

at the moment since we dont exist long , since 4 months,

we have a Tier I Starbase ,which is close to Tier II atm,

Embassy will be Tier I soon,

Dilithium Mine will be Tier I Soon,

and the newest one The Spire , is close to a upgrade aswell,

we have a TS Server , cause we are integrated in a alliance with a lot of other fleets,

a good and nice time on STO,

See ya around and hope i will find a respond soon,

Amanda Tapping@Atdfjameskirk - Head of The Sanctuary Network

Date Posted: Nov 16, 2013 @ 6:45am
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