AuG_ [ CSGOFAST.COM ] Mar 30, 2014 @ 6:34pm
This game worth pouring Time and possibly Money into?
I like Star Trek alot, most notably Voyager and DS9, although I don't know if this game would be worth my time, and possibly money to be played. For the first few hours, good fun, although I don't know where its heading.

So, is it?

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Master Gracy Mar 30, 2014 @ 9:29pm 
You can get good ships for no money, such as the free ships you get between lv10 and lv40, and as long as you collect enough dilithium, you can sell that for zen, which is used to buy most other ships, along with fleet credits, which you collect by joining a fleet and contributing to projects. The space combat is well made and fun, but the ground combat is mediocre at best (personally, I hate it). As long as you don't go into missions above your level, such as trying to fight the borg with your early ships, you should have a pretty fun time overall.

Regarding the community, I have found them them to be helpful and friendly, especially after I joined a fleet. I have personally benefitted from advice and guidance from other fleet members when it comes to things like ship selection and loadout choices.

Once you hit the free to play cap of lv50, and finished the available (for now) episodes, there is still much that can be gained by pursuing both fleet projects and reputation missions to continually upgrade and outfit your current ship or to save up for a newer one.

On the down side, there are only three classes to choose from, tactical, science, or engineer, but there are, between class-specific kits and skill training for your junior officers, a variety of different ways to build each of them and your crew in general.
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shann112 Mar 30, 2014 @ 10:03pm 
Agree to Virgil's explanations... keep on playing, it's worth!
AuG_ [ CSGOFAST.COM ] Mar 31, 2014 @ 11:05am 
Ah okay. Thanks for the replies, now I can see that its worth playing. Although, If you want to, can you answer; Does playing on Elite Difficulty, earn you any bonuses, besides the fun of a challenge? (Although I made the mistake of doing this for the Vega mission.. those ending Borg Probes demolished me until I actually figured out what my strategic options where, good fun though.)

Again, thanks, I plan on continuing playing, and possibly getting my friends involved.


EDIT: I assume reading the wikia is helpful? Its helping me immensely with lore i never fully understood, but I can't seem to find some control on the wikia. On that note, I assume you cannot just travel among your space craft while you don't have a mission?
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Master Gracy Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:58pm 
There are side missions that can be played as well, such as fighting at one of the enemy signal contacts in sector space, or entering a system will often give you a patrol mission. You can also queue for pve events from the menu under the system map in the top right corner. So you are not bound to follow the story missions exclusively: you can freely roam though space, though the sectors you can access expands with your levels/story mission progress.

I have not read any of the wiki stuff myself, I just learn what works for my playstyle (I favor science career/ships) by trial and error. Regarding elite play, someone else will have to field that one, as I am content to play normal.
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smelly tank Mar 31, 2014 @ 7:51pm 
Elite difficulty boosts the rewards, but those rewards are not related to the dilithium (which you convert to the game currency, which = real life currency). Enemies have a higher chance of dropping rarer items in Elite difficulty.

Depending on your setup, you can solo Borg on Elite difficulty. It takes time to develop the understanding of the Borg in the game, and how you need to respond to the game tactics.

The wikia helps a lot. Some of the game puzzles are decent the first time through, and then it gets lame on the repeats.

The great thing is that you don't NEED to spend real money in the game. Even the basic ships will handle endgame content just fine... particularly Starfleet Escorts (I am assuming you are playing Starfleet), and also the Mirror Universe Heavy Cruiser... so buy one from the Exchange now.
Kendaichi Apr 2, 2014 @ 10:08pm 
You can get Zen by grinding dilithium but its important to know that you can only refine 8000 dilithium per day, hindering the process.
Karagek Apr 4, 2014 @ 12:07pm 
Yea, elite just makes the game harder but give better items. The level 50 ships are all p2p, but most are about equal to the level 40 ships in terms of hull. Personally, i'd get a feel for what setup i like best before actually deciding on buying any ship.

The game has numerous links to the events of the shows, which are usually good, and you actually reach level cap before you finish the story.

Dilithium can be hard to actually obtain early on, until you reach level 50 you only have a few ways to get dilithium, some of them are daily missions. During this time it's actually hard to even reach the 8000 daily refine limit. When you reach level 50 you can do elite "stf" missions that give reputation marks and dilithium for the most part, reputation marks can be used to advance the reputation or turn into dilithium, but the best spot for dilithium is the Voth Battle Zone, a ground combat zone that has three daily missions that give dilithium, and gives a lot of reputatoin marks that you can turn into more dilithium, one run of the Voth Battle Zone, if you turn everything to dilithium, gives the full 8000 for the day.

The Dilithium exchange is where you can sell dilithium to buy zen which is the p2p currency, the current price on average for dilithium is about 131-133 dilithium for 1 zen. While this method can take forever to actually get something for end game, it means that you could unlock everything in the game without spending money.

As it is, i'm getting pretty close to buying a level 50 ship myself, the recent Mirror Invasion gave me a lot of dilithium that i used to buy zen, (8000 dilithium refined per day per character, 3 characters, so 24000 dilithium a day for me, sold for zen getting 60-61 zen each, so about 180 zen a day. I'm slowly getting the 2500 zen for an Odyssey.) It takes a lot of time and patience to buy an end game ship without spending money, but it is possible.
Wobby Apr 9, 2014 @ 2:36am 
End game is Dilithium grind, almost every thing, needs that stuff. From reputation to fleet projects no mather what u do it needs Dilithium. Missions get boring after a while, and new missions are done withing 20 min. Some new mission play the same as old ones, or are a new grind fest.

Now i only check this game once in a while, level a char to level 50. And quite again for months even subbed ( got lifetime and i do regret that, cause this game went F2P after 1 year.. )

Only thing that makes the game fun is space combat for me, flying my ship and fighting with it.

Even if u do the Dilithium to zen trade, it changes from day to day on how much worth Dilithium is. So the question is, do u have the time to just keep grinding? Or are u willing to use some money for the ships? And still grind the rest...
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