TheSauron Mar 21 @ 6:15am
No abilities?
I made a Klingon character, but I found out that I can't use any abilities in ground fight. I can only attack by spamming rightclicks. I don't have any buttons on the bottom middle of the screen. Just empty boxes. Is there anything I'm missing? Space combat and Federation character are all fine.
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shann112 Mar 21 @ 8:20am 
If you just started, there will be not all abilities available. In the most cases you need tools, like at the ship... But to see all available abilities press 'P' (works in space and in combat). then you can see a window opened with a list of all you can use.

In this way you can configure youre consoles and buttons as you want... perhaps you have just the empty rows selected (see the small numbers on the left side of the rows).
TheWolfDrone Mar 21 @ 8:35am 
Just extra lil bit here, you can right click and drag to swap things already on it and drag them off the hotbar as well. Idk why they did not do the usual left click and drag thing but eh... ^^
TheSauron Mar 21 @ 11:31am 
Thanks. I just wonder why I don't have the abilities set as a beginner?
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