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Park501 Feb 24, 2014 @ 1:43pm
Graphical Issue
Anyone else having this issue (only post I can find seem to be 2013 range) every now and than alot of graphics will inexplicably turn white/and square(y) (starting with guns/ weapons/ backgrounds/ etc) my PC is top of the line and so is my Internet connection have no issues normaly.

Anyone have any ideas about how to solve this as atm I have to quit and restart to reload to a playable state until the next time it happens (about 10mins later)
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Trinyan Feb 24, 2014 @ 11:13pm 
I've been having this issue off and on since season 8 was released, though at the time it happened primarily in the dyson sphere. Now (since the start of the anniversary event) it's more like all the time, everywhere, as you describe. Restarting the game still appears to be the only fix, though for me this will usually fix it for about an hour, not just 10 minutes. Cryptic really needs to do something about this...
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Park501 Mar 10, 2014 @ 3:49pm 
It seems this is a issue effecting alot of people for quite some time, however from what I can tell the made a statment regarding it along the lines of "we can't replicate this and seems to effect a small potion of players" they aren't going to do anything

I found a few posts regarding it (seems a lot have been merged into one) one that may give you a fair bit of infomation regardign the issue is what a guy said here:
think the rylanadionysis guy is on the right track:

"My gut is telling me that you have told the client to disk cache these final textures and there is nothing telling the client to call them out of cache if system memory has reached a high point (especially under heavy game load).
This would also gel with what used to happen to me before season 8 (which no longer happens, imagine that) my client would full on crash to desktop with an error that said something to the affect of "out of memory for texture xyzblahblah"
More and more I am beginning to agree with my peers here, it is a rampant memory leak, youre caching EVERYTHING to disk, and when our allocation reaches a limit, things just start not loading anymore because they cant (theres no physical RAM left, so nowhere for the cached data to even go).
Have the client order things released from memory, that is the only way youre going to fix this, so long as we are continuously caching every map we load."

I should point out that yeah normaly it is a hour or so between the need to quit so I can see what I am doing happens, but it can happen with in minutes if its a very busy area (also foudn that using the other programs whilst running the game in the background also has a very good chance to bring this up)

still no idea how to fix, but its such a game brecking issue I'm just not going to play anymore until a patch or something is released as quiting every hour/10-30mins is not a option for me...welp there goes 180hours
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