ResonantCard1 Feb 16 @ 9:24am
Habilities In the bars
How do I "trash" habilities such "rifle but" from the bar they are?
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Sinnaj63 Feb 16 @ 10:21am 
You can't remove Weapon Abillities from the bar. And removing the only close-combat skill you porbably have doesn't sounds like a good idea either.
Leonardo Myst Feb 16 @ 11:10am 
If you want, you can open your abilities "P" and drag and drop another in it's place.
Be careful, however, as the first three are tied to your mouse.
First time I rearranged mine, I replaced my rifle blast with the "draw fire" ability and couldn't figure out why I wasn't shooting. LOL.
ResonantCard1 Feb 16 @ 1:13pm 
Yes, but flashlights, for example? I tried to re-organize my bars and I have duplicated habilities.
Szeron Feb 16 @ 2:38pm 
You cannot (re)move weapon abilities.

For everything else though: Hold right-click over the slot until the icon attaches to your mouse cursor; drag it off the bar; then release.
ResonantCard1 Feb 17 @ 6:30am 
ok, thanks
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