ResonantCard1 Feb 15 @ 3:27am
Delta Volanis exploration.
How do i get there? I went to vulcan, and registered the sirius block, but I couldn't find it.
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Akaebeel Feb 15 @ 3:59am 
Delta Volanis is "west" of Vulcan sector. Inbetween the Sol system and the warp point for the Beta Ursae Sector Block.
ResonantCard1 Feb 16 @ 2:11am 
I need to enter in vulcan?
Leonardo Myst Feb 16 @ 4:18am 
Easy way to get there...

1. Go to Earthdock.
2. Exit to Sector Space (This will put you in Vulcan Sector in the Sirius Block).
3. Hit M to pull up Map.
4. In Area Map, scroll til you get to the left-most edge of the sector. There you will find "Delta Volanis Cluster"
5. Left-click and plot a course to Delta Volanis Cluster.
6. When your ship reaches the Sector Boundary, you'll be offered an option to Warp, do it.
7. Once you are in the Delt Volanis Cluster, it may look empty at first. Begin flying around.
8. You'll see these areas marked "Delta Volanis Anomaly". Fly towards one.
9. When you reach one, you'll be given one of two options, depending on the anomaly.
One will be to Analyze something (this sometimes varies) and the other will be to "Explore Unknown System".
10. Explore Unknown System is what you're looking for. You'll need to do three of these to finish the quest.

Some pointers:
1. Go ahead and do the Analyze ones, too. They don't take long and after a bit of practice, they become very easy. Components can be useful in crafting.
2. If you have a Diplomatic mission for Delta Volanis, doing those, also count towards an Exploration. So three Diplomatic missions would also knock out the Exploration Mission.
3. If you can, try to co-incide the Diplomatic Missions with your Exploration Mission AND Explore Strange New Worlds (where you get dilithium for doing an Exploration Mission). Doing three Diplomatic Missions in that one area will fulfill three Diplomatic Missions, one Exploration Mission and one Explore Strange New Worlds.
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