Akhiro Feb 8 @ 4:46pm
FPS extremely low upon first logging in
Ever since I started launching the game through Steam, my framerate is extremely low upon logging into a character. This low FPS lasts for about a minute until everything is running smoothly. It may be for just a minute but it gets frustrating over time. Is there any way to fix this, or is it intended? Thanks in advance.
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grizster Feb 8 @ 4:48pm 
are you just useing the shortcut threw steam?
Akhiro Feb 8 @ 5:16pm 
no, i associated my steam account with the game but i installed it from the CE disc
grizster Feb 8 @ 5:17pm 
sound's like a dev ? hope ya get it fixed bud:)
Admiral Feb 8 @ 8:25pm 
Sometimes I hit a wrong button and the fps drops, I press alt-tab a couple times and it fixes it for me.
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Akhiro Feb 27 @ 8:26am 
Bump -- The problem is still there. Oddly enough, when I launch through Arc or just the .exe this problem isn't even there, so it must be Steam-related. Anyone have similar issues?
Sir Wolfe Jun 26 @ 4:14am 
Yes same problem here, the game is unplayable for a minute or more, is fine when changing characters, but totally unplayable until it clear when first starting up. Very frustrating
Reaper Jun 26 @ 8:52am 
Same thing happens to me
Ofan Jul 24 @ 2:43am 
Any fix for this? It's getting on my &^$s now.
Law&Order Jul 27 @ 1:40pm 
same problem here, its damn annoying, like it needs to load all the resources. Also happens shortly when warping into a mission

edit indeed its gone when launched by just clicking the exe, so steam seems to blame
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