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Diamond Jul 20, 2014 @ 10:10pm
Bad Game
If you are thinking of joining this game... DON'T! Its been going steadily downhill for a number of years. There is a huge lack of content because Devs are more interested in adding one misson ever 3-4 months and constantly release new "lockboxes" which have the best equipment and ships inside. So if you want to be competant at PvP for example, you need to spend at least 100 pounds for this game. Recently, it has become a lot worse with the monterisation of nearly every major feature in the game, from ships to crafting... There is always a push to make you spend money. Don't buy into this scam.
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Shannon Fartacus Jul 21, 2014 @ 3:29am 
.. and you played almost 3.000 hours because this game is crappy?

Hard to believe!
Wolfheart Jul 21, 2014 @ 6:00am 
I enjoy this game. and they just gave the R&D system a great revamp.
Sub-Zero Jul 21, 2014 @ 6:40am 
No amount of dosh is gonna make you win at PVP. Your skill level and build will matter way more. It speeds up the process of getting gear, fair enough. But unless you play several characters, getting decent gear is a piece of cake. The best weapons are in the reputation and fleet stores, just as some of the best ships. Can't buy any of that flatout.

Also lockboxes have the best stuff? Ya keep telling yourself that. Might be true for the ships (mostly because they are highly adaptive) but the weapons are certainly not on that list.
grizster Jul 21, 2014 @ 11:48am 
agree with xeno rep weapons armer etc..better then zen store junk and you can always farm dilith to exchange for zen and most lockbox stuff you can buy on auction house /tho given the price's are kinda ruff on some stuff but like all games these days grinding for $$ is like a job:)
Imperius Rex Jul 21, 2014 @ 12:04pm 
Okay, firstly, you are off on PvP. It has ALWAYS been borked. So many nerfs over the years, probably by design just to keep players on their toes, and not from whiners like most believe. BUT I agree with you on rest. The game has steadily been goin downhill over last 3 years. How can this be with so much content added? There is no balance, diversity, or challenge left.

They need update all pve content from elite stf to bz. Stop trying make stuff that forces a player to go there cause its quickest way make XXXX, and make it fun to go there for once. Rethink your designs obvioulsy the queues show failure on your part to come up with anything new.

For a new player, its prob good to join now, but for vets, it has been a slow descent into mediocrity.
Haunter Jul 23, 2014 @ 10:29am 
I started playing the day of the Free to Play launch, and since then it has changed a great deal. Mostly geared toward the 'Free' aspect. They've given new ways of aquring both free and payed ships. There are new missions, and they have been updating older missions. PvP is not amazing, but I have to agree that it's more about how you play, not what you 'buy' with money. Infact a lot of the "payed" ships have disfunctionality problems. The seperation ability usually makes you fairly weak, and you get ships with White quality weapons equiped. The amount of PvE has gone up quite a bit. They also added a whole new faction (though it was a little lazy for you to have to pick a side). All in all, they game has gotten much, much better. At the very least, I wont be getting the best gear in a single week, but aquiring it as I play.
They are not forcing you to to buy stuff, and they are not focing you to play pug PvP. Too many people take the PvP in this game wayyyy too seriously that it is no longer fun, so I stick to all the Co-op PvE stuff and single player stuff, and hang out chatting with fleetmates, or playing the awesome foundry missions that are constantly being added.

The last thing anyone should play in this game is PvP I've heard people bragging about spending over $600usd on a single toon just to do 2% more damage than they were before. Seriously there are better, and more balanced PvP games out there, this is not one of them.
Mr. Fibble Jul 29, 2014 @ 10:12am 
PVP was doomed the moment they decided to bow to the federation and allow fed v fed matches. In doing so they removed the majority of how a kdf could level all because people couldnt cope with cloaking ships. But cryptic have never really had a good sense of balance when it comes to pvp in games.

As others have said there's the foundry where playermade content is wide and varied with a lot of it putting the professionals to shame. The older content has been reshuffled into more coherent story arcs. The newer content is hit and miss, some of the voice acting is diabolically poor alongside the trek actors. But you can easily spend time in an open zone just doing stuff.

Not too keen on the crafting revamp at the moment but I've not delved deep enough to see if there's anything good to be made. Still using the aegis set on a few ships having made them back in the first year of sto. They changed kits recently(ish) as well and thankfully didnt remove the ones we had.

Gambleboxes are sadly a staple of the game now but majority of the stuff is tradeable and the ships are more for eyecandy than anything else. I have a ferengi d'kora but tend to only use it as a mobile bank and mailbox when the azura is on cooldown since I really dont like the way it flies.
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