Bifrost Aug 26 @ 4:25pm
Hanging / crash? / not responding during startup
Hi, I hope someone can help.

The game has worked on this PC before, I just re-installed and patched but when the game gets to the black splash screen with the green and silver "star trek online legacy of romulus" logo displayed, it just hangs. I waited 5 minutes but nothing, alt tabbed out and in the programs list the client is hopping between normal status and "not responding". Is this a first time launch that will eventually right itself, or do I need to verify the integrity of the game files through the launcher? (I have no idea how to do this).

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HotshotChunk45 Aug 26 @ 4:49pm 
Same thing happened to be but I just went to the options in the launcher and turned on safe mode [Which makes all grahpics at the lowest setting but can still changed from the ingame options] and it works perfectly for me everytime hopefully it helps and I know some people have been having the same problem aswell as me.
GeMack Aug 26 @ 6:46pm 
Server is down .....maintenance
Bifrost Aug 27 @ 4:24am 
Thank you both very much :)
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