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Jayrex Aug 1, 2014 @ 3:11pm
Commissioning New Bridge Officers - Bug
I think there's a bug in the game.

I have one empty science bridge for ensigns. I try to commission the science officer for this bridge, and I'm unable to select him directly.

I doubleclick on the officer to train him up, and get told there's no room on the ship.

It mentions the shuttle ship as the ship with no available bridge space. But it's the main ship I'm trying to assign him to.

Is there a way to commission the officer to the main ship?

Right now the game automatically chooses the wrong ship.
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Kaneda_88 Aug 2, 2014 @ 3:28pm 
Firstly I assume your main ship is your current active ship?

There's a few bad designs around BOF's that are inherintely unfriendly for new people.

1) There's a maximum number of BOF's that you can have at one time, it costs 212? ZEN the premium currency for 2 more slots, I believe by default you get 4-5 slots? Make sure there are open spots in the list that shows your captain, ship, and bridge officers. If not then you're at cap and need to either dismiss an officer or buy more slots with ZEN, you can use the dilithium exchange to trade for dilithium for ZEN but if you're new this isn't very viable, especailly not in a timely manner.

2) If you hit the "train" button and a list of skills they have pops up back out now. What that is actually doing is having the new officer train one of your existing officers in a skill that they know, after which the new officer will be used up and disappear "goes back to Starfleet, etc." I hear complaints alot from new people that their officers disappeared after training and this is usually the culptrit. However your problem sounds like number 1.

I hope this helps.

Edit: Also if you're getting officers from missions or the exchange with skills that you want instead of your currect officer it is possible to go to the space dock or equivalent faction location around where the ship vendor is usually and there's a trainer that will teach your existing officers specific skills for a small EC(energy credit) fee. The main reason for wanting higher quality officers is for specific traits that their race has, and this usually effects ground more then space.
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IRMcG Aug 2, 2014 @ 11:01pm 
Re. 1) above: You don't need to buy any slots unless you want "spares" for multiple Boff setups/ships, you'll get a total of six free slots before you hit the level cap and normally at the same rate as the ship tiers increase their active boff positions. As he said, if the boff status list doesn't have any open slots you can't commission (not train) another officer without dismissing someone. If you switch to a ship of a different archetype (cruiser/escort/sci), you might need to dismiss a Boff or two to get the right mix.

The shuttle name sometimes comes up if it's above your starship on the status list, but it doesn't treat your available boff slots any differently. Same if it's your current active craft.
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