Dungeons of Dredmor

Dungeons of Dredmor

Diogeno[ITA] Oct 3, 2013 @ 3:51pm
[INFO] About few adjustment and a couple of advices about skills and mods
I recently started to play this fantastic game and after few tries I kinda got used on how the game works (apart from eating a venomous food that killed me few secs ago <.<).

I would like, before starting a new game, change few things about the game:

1)The music, is there a way to add tracks since they are repetitive.
2)The hud of the stats can it be enlarged? Skills and map can be enlarged but the stats and equipped items cannot and they are way too small to see.
3)The "combat chat", is possible to move it down like a mmorpg?
4)Is there a way to enlarge the monster taunts?
5)If I do not take the skill for daggers, can I use them or do I take a penality?

And before starting a new game can you also point out a couple of mods that you feel "essential" for your gameplay?
ATM I'm using:
ultra library
advanced craft and smelt
interior dredmorating
more rooms mod
more dred(item pack)
death by a thousand taunts

And at last, what is your combination of Skills for your character? I just died with:
clockwork knight
blood mage
shield bearer
master of arms
I was doing great till in floor 4 (if I'm correct) I got distracted and died using the wrong food while fighting :/

Hope you can help me,
Thank you

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I'll answer the questions I know an answer to for sure:

2) There should be a small square in the top-right corner of your character portrait, which will stretch out the HUD to the full width of your screen. Works on your inventory and map, too.
5) Using a weapon you have a Skill for will give you the bonuses that skill-tree offers you, together with the activated abilities. Using a weapon you do not have a Skill for, does not impart you with any penalties. The only exception to this, is when you dual-wield without the Dual Wielding skill-tree. Weapon type is irrelevant, you can dual-wield 2 swords whilst being trained in Axes, a mace and a staff and being trained in both,... as long as you have Dual Wielding, you're all set.

Lastly, a big chunk of the fun Dungeons of Dredmor offers is replayability, due to it's massive amount of possible skill combinations. You'll never have one definite Skill build, and I strongly urge you to use the "Random" button when starting new adventures. This will help you get a diverse build every time, and allows you to get a feel for what skills work together (and which completely don't). For example, Blood Mage is only useful if you're playing a build that actually uses mana, though none of your other skills do so, so you could say it's a wasted Skill. On the other hand, if you want to include it in your build, because then you're a god damn awesome Blood Mage, go for it!

EDIT: prepare to die, a lot. DL04 on a first try is actually really good!
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intok Oct 3, 2013 @ 9:50pm 
Theres no penalty for not taking a weapon skill, you just get specific skills and buffs that are required by that weapon type that are unusable with another weapon type. Sometimes these abilities are very useful like Mace's Ragnar's Meteor which can push back enemies and objects as well as break destructible areas of the walls to reveal hidden items and Diggle Gods.

As for mods, none are essential to gameplay, though there are a few mod classes that I like such as the Essential Skills Pack, Bowiemancy, Radiant Wizard etc.

Actual game mods that can be useful are advanced Craft n' Smelt, Interior Dredmorating and Ultra Library. However some of these do break gameplay by making the game much easier, while others just make the dungeon a more interesting place to visit.

I tend to build my chars around a theme, heres a few I'm using right now:

"Antonio Stark" = Clockwork Knight, Rouge Scientist, Perception, Crossbows, Smithing, Tinkering and Alchemy.

Yep, based around Iron Man. The first ranged attacks in Clockwork and Scientist will let you hold out on making ammo till you have a high enough tinkering level to make the amount and class of arrows really worth your effort, perception provides you with ample crafting materials to be melted down back into ingots to make more arrows, Alchemy, just because Tony is an alcoholic.

"Gun-Ho-Gun" = Crossbows, Throwing Weapons, Perception, Artful Dodger, Shield Bearer, Smithing and Tinkering

Designed to make use of dual shields and fight from a very long range, Perception will allow you to easily see everything around you.

"The Sovereign" = Bowiemancy, Deaf Knight, Radiant Wizard, Astrology, Psionics, Staves and Alchemy

A first version based around the leader of the Guild Of Calamitous Intent! Based around mod classes.

"Dragoon Sphere" = QiGong, Kung Fu, Unarmed Combat, Artful Dodger, Berserker Rage, Assassination and WereDiggle

Yep, a first version Dragon Ball based char designed to fight completely unarmed, instead carrying shields and books to increase defense or attack power.
Haldurson Oct 3, 2013 @ 10:47pm 
1, I don't know about this, but it MIGHT be alterable through mods -- when you stump the people here, a good place to go would be the Gaslamp Games forums. The devs do read those and occasionally will respond: http://community.gaslampgames.com/
2, was answered
3. I don't think there's any way to change the chat window, although I know that changes to it have been a popular request since the game was released. Try the suggestions section in the GLG forums
4. Again, ask in the GLG forums. Just as a completely wild guess, there might be something that can be changed in an ini file, but someone on the official forums might be able to answer more definitively.
5. Was answered.

When you are learning the game, try lots of different things. I'm not sure that you have to go the totally random route, as that can be particularly frustrating for a new player, but semi-random is good. What I'll do sometimes is use the random skill selector and then make minor alterations in order to remove skills that don't work particularly well with the rest of them. As was already said, Blood Magic's purpose primarily, is to supply mana for mage or hybrid builds.

One thing about the weapons skills: as was mentioned, they are unnecessary to use the particular weapons. That said, they can be useful, particularly if you also select dual wield. The reasoning behind that is that if you are using a weapon that you have the skill for, you will receive various stat bonuses specified in the skill descriptions. If you are dual-wielding a proper weapon (eg. two swords, if you chose the sword skill), then those bonuses are doubled.

Personally, when I don't intend to pick dual wield, I also don't USUALLY select a weapon skill.

BTW, as far as mods are concerned, there are lots of good ones, but try to be conservative with how many you use at the same time, especially with mods that add lots of new items. I only actually use mods on occasion. I generally prefer (at least most of the time) to play a vanilla game. The game has plenty of variety even without mods, and some of them just add so much additional stuff that it makes it harder sometimes to find what I need, and many of them, even ones that I enjoy on occasion, do break the game balance. That's not totally a bad thing, but it's still good to learn to play well without all the extra stuff before you start adding more stuff in.
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Diogeno[ITA] Oct 4, 2013 @ 12:50am 
thank you for all your replies and advices.
About point 2) maybe i didn't explain it correctly.
as you can see on this screenshot:


skills and map are enlarged while the character stats and equipment remain small and i'm searching for something that enlarge them.

I opened a topic as Haldurson adviced on Gaslamp forum:

The first 6 times I died because i only play Rogue with permadeath and I was doing the random choice...then I decided to do a build that ended at the forth floor.
Yes, blood mage is kinda useless with that build but the name was too cool and would have been a pity not to use it xD.

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