intok Oct 3, 2013 @ 1:23am
Damage difference between Hand Grenade and Iron Bomb?
The game says that the Hand Grenade is the higher ranked weapon, but the Iron Bomb is rated at a higher damage.

Is this a bug or is the Iron Bomb actually the better weapon?
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[LL] ๖ۣۜSniggleboots Oct 3, 2013 @ 5:46am 
I think the star-based ranking has always been a bit arbitrary. That being said, eventhough the damage listed on the projectile is higher on the Iron Bomb, the Hand Grenade does far more damage in on-hit procs. (6 Blasting and 4 Conflagratory vs. 14 Blasting, 4 Piercing and 6 Slashing damage respectively).
First, the throwing damage is applied to the monster, this is your Ranged Attack + Melee Power + listed damage on your weapon. Then the on-hit proc is applied, which deals the damage above. Then, the on-hit procs the AoE effect, which does additional damage once more (5 Blasting, 4 Piercing and 12 Slashing for the Hand Grenade, vs. 4 Blasting and 2 Conflagratory for the Iron Bomb). is an excellent source of "actual" damages and procs on just about anything. (Yes, the incredibly long loading time is normal ;) )

Hope this helps!
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