Dungeons of Dredmor

Dungeons of Dredmor

Sidequest Bug?
So, I went to a statue, and received a sidequest, as per usual. The quest was to kill three Octos, and to bring the item to an Eyeball Shrine. I killed the Octos, but no special item ever dropped.

What might the cause of this be?

For some added information, I had a weapon that set them on fire, and a Summoned Slime from the Fungal Arts tree.

If anyone has any ideas, just leave a comment.
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Haldurson Jun 16, 2013 @ 12:41pm 
I've had a similar problem. There are a couple of different possibilities:
1. The item got pushed ito somewhere it's difficult to see (along the edge of a wall, or behind another item
2. The item got pushed to a place where it's difficult or impossible to obtain (under a piece of topography, behind a wall (dungeons can have inaccessable, or nearly inaccessable areas).

If that's not the case, then its probably a bug. When I had a similar issue (actually, in the game I'm currently in the middle of), I simply ignored that quest and continued to the next level. It was only on level 2, so no big loss. In my case I have several abilities that do knockbacks (I'm playing a Clockwork Knight/Rogue Scientist build). But I didn't realize I was missing an item until it was too late, and I didn't remember precisely where I had killed the creatures for the quest. I looked high and low, and then just gave up.

BTW, same game, I got knocked back to an island with no easy way off while fighting a monster zoo. I was forced to go back to my pocket dimension to gather the materials to make a teleport potion, crafted it, went back to the island and then used it. It was agravating because I no longer could get credit for the zoo, but at least I had a way off the island so the game was saved. Losing out on a reward here and there is going to happen on occasion. It doesn't feel good when it happens because of something stupid. But if you are still alive and able to continue, it's not that critical.
I've been playing more and seem to have had this happen with other things. You had a really informative response, and I'll try to be more careful when I go on a sidequest. Earlier today I almost had a similar thing happen where the Monolith that I had to bring the quest item to was between other ambient objects, but I was able to find an opening.
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