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Roenie 2013年1月3日 1時06分
Mysterious portal - a word of caution
Still on dungeon level 1 of permadeath mode at character level 3 I came across a "Mysterious portal". Went through (as any selfrespecting adventurer would), not knowing where it would lead. Well, my death apparently. The area has a random tileset and mobs there are random mobs, mob from anywhere in the game. The dungeon level is 0 officially - not sure of the mob levels but even the firey wand could not save me from certain death as there was no way back, only a way through. RIP Vegan Mage.
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Haldurson 2013年1月3日 12時47分 
There's always SUPPOSED to be an exit, but yes, the monsters can come from anywhere. If you can survive long enough, you may find some high-level artifact(s) as well, but I don't think it's guaranteed.

I would not use the portal unless you have certain requirements:
1. You have nothing to lose, due to bad luck.
2. You have some decent escape abilities/potions, etc.
3. You have some way of displacing or destroying the architecture, in case the exit square is stuck under something else, or in a wall.
Football-Playing King in Space 2013年1月5日 13時20分 
However, the portals can be very useful at times. I accidentally stepped into one hidden behind a vending machine in level 1 once, and in the first room were two monofilament swords and an armor normally from level 10! If you are really stuck on a certain level, these portals do have the potential to be very helpful.
Zukabazuka 2013年1月7日 6時25分 
Stepped in to one of these and was few blocks away from an Evil clone, Those hard ones that is. Managed to kill him by just walking back and forth and then using some spell to make me invisible for few turns. So I could eat food and such. Was very close I would have died there. But at low level its most likely not worth the risk.
Haldurson 2013年1月8日 0時30分 
Actually, it's probably MOST worthwhile for a low level, assuming he has an escape skill. At low level, you have the least to lose. And if you can manage to simply avoid the worst of the critters, you might pick up something to make life so much easier from then on. And if you die, not much is lost.

On the other hand, if you are higher level, dying can be a lot more painful. And the higher you are, the less likely you'll find something you actually would use. So I always suggest going there fairly early, assuming (as I stated) you have some skill or items to help you avoid dying.

Nothing to lose is the best reason to use a portal, and no one has less to lose than a beginning character.
Darq 2013年3月24日 18時48分 
Great rogue perma most advanced character yet and I end up with a portal of no return. Is there a way to cheat? I don't feel like losing the last 6 hours
hughneutron 2013年4月1日 18時33分 
Yes you can cheat GRPD by copying your saved game files so you have a backup if needed so you can do the old reboot/reload routine. Also if you save your game before opening an 'evil' chest and don't like the result, exit game and reload the save and try again.
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