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Hazdoge 2013年3月28日 15時33分
Alt+Tabbing does not work in Linux
I'd love to play this game on my laptop (running Mint14 MATE), but as it does not support any windowed resolution smaller than 1024x768 (meaning that the bottom of the game window is stuck under the taskbar/off the edge of the screen) I have to play it in full screen, however as I can't alt+tab out at all then I can't really play, as it is not practical to shut down the game every time I need to check my emails or something.

Anyone know of a fix for this problem ?
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intok 2013年3月28日 22時04分 
Try connecting an external screen and disabling the internal screen and then start the game and see what it offers. I had weird resolution problems, I had to disable my 2nd monitor to get and option for a 1920x1080 window indtead of 1920x1200(my main screen is this res) and the 2nd screen which is 1600x1200(old CRT screen, not usually on, but still connected as it can be useful) the game would however do the ♥♥♥♥♥ic and "span" both screens at 3520x1200 but the game was cut and half and half of both screens was never used...
Hazdoge 2013年3月29日 4時10分 
Ah. I will give this a try when I have a chance, thanks for responding.
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