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CrunkTACO15 27. bře. 2013 v 12.06 dop.
Game Keeps Crashing
So I keep trying to play the game, I just go in, start a new game and random my classes and after the loading screen I get an error saying "dungeon/whobox.php is missing, game will most likely crash" and then the game crashes. I do have a lot of mod from the workshop installed, but most are class mods so I thought randoming would eliminate an error that one of them had. I have reinstalled the game and verified it. Anyone have any ideas to why this wont work?

Also, does anyone know a way to unsubscribe everything in the workshop so I can go back through and just add the ones I need to see if that helps?
Datum odeslání: 27. bře. 2013 v 12.06 dop.
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