Dungeons of Dredmor
How do i decorate my pocket place.
I just got this game and it is a ton of fun. Anyways. I just found the pocket dimension, And i only have one wall to pick from ( some rocky wall) and only a few statue. How do i unlock more?

I have only been to the first floor of the game and a few of the wiard places that you need codes to go to.

2ed question. Why can i only use the wizardland codes once? Is there a infinite amount of codes so i never run out of fun wizardlands to explore?
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You unlock a tileset by visiting the level that uses that tileset. So if you get to level 15, you should unlock all of them.

There's not an infinite number of codes, but according to the devs, there should be a sufficient number such that you'll never run out. The reason why you cannot reuse codes is to prevent people from having a checklist of the best wizardlands to visit in order to always have the best items in every game. That said, you can use codes that others have found, and there is a community-created spreadsheet of wizardland codes. I'm not sure how well it is maintained, and I don't use it myself so I can't vouch for its accuracy. But if you want to use it, you can find it linked in this thread in the official forums: http://community.gaslampgames.com/threads/graffiti-sharing-thread.4122/

Be careful though, because the codes are for specific wizardlands, and are balanced for the level of the dungeon of where you can find the code. In other words, there's nothing preventing you from using a level 15 code while you are on level 1.
and no ... modder ... found the file what contains all the codes already?!?
Don't just make up Wizardland codes, either. It's a BAD idea.
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Don't just make up Wizardland codes, either. It's a BAD idea.
Ahh I take it you visited Diggle Hell.
Diggle Hell can actually be extremely rewarding. Just be aware that Vlad Digula can be worse than Dredmor himself, and you can, in fact, encounter more than one of him there (or sometimes he's completely absent). There are a few achievements from Diggle Hell, but unless you have good escape skills, I would wait until just before you intend to go after Dredmor.
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