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Arbitrium 2013年3月16日 1時17分
DRM-Free DLC to Steam-activated DoD
I hope there are players that has experienced this already. Can you install the DRM-Free DLC's from Gaslamp's site with your Steam-activated DoD?

I personally want to be able to own the setup for the DLC's so I could have a fresh install for future uses without the use of a client. Don't ask for more details about it, I just need my question answered. Thank you.
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Haldurson 2013年3月16日 8時49分 
Have you tried just running the Steam version without going through Steam?
sansnipple 2013年3月16日 12時55分 
pretty sure you can just drop the expansion folder into the steam install just fine, the steam version of the game and the steam DLC is all DRM-free also. You could just make a backup of the game folder from SteamApps/common/
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