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Arbitrium 16. bře. 2013 v 1.17 dop.
DRM-Free DLC to Steam-activated DoD
I hope there are players that has experienced this already. Can you install the DRM-Free DLC's from Gaslamp's site with your Steam-activated DoD?

I personally want to be able to own the setup for the DLC's so I could have a fresh install for future uses without the use of a client. Don't ask for more details about it, I just need my question answered. Thank you.
Naposledy upravil Arbitrium; 16. bře. 2013 v 1.35 dop.
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Haldurson 16. bře. 2013 v 8.49 dop. 
Have you tried just running the Steam version without going through Steam?
sansnipple 16. bře. 2013 v 12.55 odp. 
pretty sure you can just drop the expansion folder into the steam install just fine, the steam version of the game and the steam DLC is all DRM-free also. You could just make a backup of the game folder from SteamApps/common/
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