Dungeons of Dredmor

Dungeons of Dredmor

Yoreno Feb 7, 2014 @ 10:02pm
Vampirism question
Hey guys, first of all just wanna say this is probably one of the best buys I've ever made on steam, excellent game cool community and mods! now to the point!

I only ever play this game on hardcore - normal, to maximise my replayability, so far the furtherest I've reached is 100k score (5 mins ago!) I believe I was lvl 10, before finally died from a trap cos my health was too low ( 9/8x) I've never played vamp before until this run and it has allow me to go to new heights, problem though is the lack of healing (duh) Just here to ask if there is anyway to get myself back up when I have low hp, lack of mobs to kill, corpse to eat etc, since I can't eat food and not sure if red pots work I eventually got wrecked. I understand I could probably get a lot further if I went pyro cos the dragon and spells are totally op (i think so anyway) but at this point I'm trying to play this armored dw vamp smith toon, I've also downloaded a couple of skill mods , I believe I used dungeoneer mod as one of my skills, rest being vanilla.

to sum it all up, is there anyway to get my self back up as a vamp when everything is peaceful around me?

Also, is there anyway for monsters to respawn? What if I get to a point where I need to train up to handle the next level etc

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Haldurson Feb 7, 2014 @ 10:53pm 
First, let me say that the best way to create a good vampirism build is to maximize your health regeneration. The key is that the health that you gain from vampirism as well as corpse drain scales to that stat. Some skills that are helpful with that include Master of Arms, Shield Mastery, Tourism, Demonology, and (although I don't recommend it) Killer Vegan.

But, of course, even with an outrageous life drain, you are going to get hurt, and you will not always be able to stop to eat a corpse for a variety of reasons -- but at least having a huge health regen will lessen the issue. For other times, you might want to select one or more skills that include a heal. For a melee player, I find Communism to be quite helpful, not just for the heal, but because of other melee-friendly skills. There are also some less melee friendly skills that also have some sort of healing, such as Fleshsmithing, Egyptian Magic (the heal is underwhelming, but if you take it, you aren't taking the skill for the heal), Psionics, and Emomancy.

Then there's crafting -- namely alchemy and Fungal Arts. For shear healing, Alchemy can't be beat. Combine it with perception for lots of iron ore and bars, and you can make tons and tons of healing potions (plus tons of other cool utility potions and items as well as some nice encrusts). Fungal Arts gives you the underwhelming Fairy Wodger for healing, but you can eventually have a ton of it if you want. Also it gives you a pet that you can drain (it's considered 'other' which means you will get the minimum health regen from it, but the corpse is as useful as any other corpse at least). Note that Wand Lore also gives you a coral wand, but alchemy is the better way to go.

And talking about draining pets, there's also Promethean magic, which gives you the summoned wyrmling -- not only is it a very nice pet to have early on, but it's an animal, so you can do the math.

One last note about pets -- Tourism I listed as a skill that increases health regen. Well it also allows you to summon the best pets in the game. The downside is that it's unreliable -- you can't choose the kind of pet you'll get, and you also have a chance that the pet will not be friendly. BUT it is the only summoned pet in the game that actually scales to the dungeon level.
Yoreno Feb 7, 2014 @ 11:45pm 
Hey thank you for that, very detailed! question about tourism, the consumption skill to heal, does that work with vamp? and what about promethean's wymling, my experience with it in the past is that its totally op, its hp scales with lvl and it pretty much destroys everything and since it has no cd, you can recast even if it goes down, does that get balanced at the higher lvl? I think I've only reached dungeon lvl 5 max so far. I personally don't like over powered builds so thats why I didn't explore further with it once I tripped and died. is there any mods you can recommend that aren't game breaking? I've got a couple, the all out cross bow one, the 2 by 3 melee one ( ninja/samurai/kungfu etc), usurper, dungeoneering. etc
Yes, Haldurson missed one!
Mobs respawn randomly over time, even if you don't leave the level. Just walk around and you'll find some.
Yoreno Feb 8, 2014 @ 6:16pm 
cheers mate, thanks all
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