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shhhh ... 2013년 10월 6일 오전 12시 31분
Unable to launch the game !!!
Why this game unable to launch anymore please help ?
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Ahuitzotl 2013년 11월 4일 오전 11시 14분 
Same here, download is "complete" in less than a second and than only a "missing file" error.
rotopenguin 2013년 11월 4일 오후 9시 20분 
If you're on Mac, it looks like the actual game files haven't been published yet. Try deleting game content and reinstalling tomorrow.
Brian 2013년 11월 5일 오후 8시 15분 
I tried running it today (it seemed to download about 245mb worth of stuff) and it crashes after the initial loading screen.
Hedges  [개발자] 2013년 11월 8일 오전 4시 27분 
Hi guys, it seems there was a problem with Steam configuration for Mac and it should be fixed now, can you please try and re-install and then let us know if it works, thanks in advance!
damon5334 2013년 11월 8일 오전 10시 29분 
Not working for me. I just tried less than an hour ago and I'm still getting the immediate download completed message, with no files downloaded onto my system.
Hedges  [개발자] 2013년 11월 11일 오전 4시 03분 
I am very sorry to hear that the fix does not work for you, let us try and diagnose this.
Can you please go to your Steam Library, then select properties for the game and then go to local files tab and then browse local files.
What I am interested in is what you have there, do you have DemolitionInc application and if so can you show me information about this from the system
and also perhaps see the content and also tell me what is there.
damon5334 2013년 11월 11일 오전 11시 50분 
It shows an empty directory. Also, under the local files tab, it says "Disc usage: none" To reinstall I've selected delete local files, then chose to install again. Am I missing a step in what I should try? I've also tried to use "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" but it comes back and says everything is as it should be.
damon5334 2013년 12월 11일 오후 5시 36분 
Hedges, I haven't seen anything new regarding this. I don't know if there is some sort of cached information somewhere on my drive that I need to clear to get this working. I can play this in bootcamp, but I'd rather not have to boot to windows to play this. It looks like it's working for other people. I'm curious why I'm having such difficulty. :(
shhhh ... 2013년 12월 15일 오후 5시 10분 
I Tried to delete the game and re install it its still the same -___- it was working Fine before i dont know why this happen
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1-99개 댓글 표시
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