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Lardius 2013年5月14日上午8:38
I am unable to launch the game
Hi, (I use google translation)

I am unable to launch my game, I double click the icon and it does not do anything. I steam icon that become bright a few seconds and that's it ...

I saw that the other could not have run the game, and it offers a .zip has DL but the link is dead.

Thank you in advance
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Johanfaba 2013年5月15日下午12:35 
Same problem here, i just wanna play :'(!
Lardius 2013年5月16日上午11:03 
go to : E:\steam\steamapps\common\DemolitionInc\\Extras\OpenAL and lauch .exe here ;)
kim 2013年6月16日上午12:07 
anastan79 2013年7月21日下午1:16 
i have the same doesn't work.
Hedges  [开发者] 2013年7月23日上午6:08 
Did you try the solution with going to Extras\OpenAL folder and installing OpenAL from there?
anastan79 2013年12月22日上午12:35 
Install new driver:) Its work.
nem3sis 1月14日下午11:22 
Same problem here..
LLAMA 2月10日下午5:14 
This is strange: I can't launch the game from Steam, but if I go to the folder it is in and lauch the .exe directly, it works.
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