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Oddball 2013年4月28日上午5:39
Radar array?
On the "Return to Sender" I have troubles manageing the last three buildings.

However, there is some arrays and a transmitter of some kind? Spread around and what does they do??
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Omnisciurus 2013年4月30日上午8:09 
Hey there, fellow demolisher!

These "arrays" are essentially a sender/receiver combo. If you drive a car onto the sender (shaped like a satellite dish), it will trigger a receiver of the corresponding color, which in turn causes all nearby cars to start drving or detonates nearby explosives.

For example, the red sender in the left hand side will cause the car in the upper edge of the map to drive forward.

Tip: strategically place two cows near the buildings below the sender (one on the path of the rolling concrete pipes, the other in the gap between the buildings). Then control a car and drive in into the sender and into the building next to it. You will level half the buildings on the map in one move.
Oddball 2013年5月16日下午6:17 
Alright, thanks alot! :)
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